Westinghouse SK-32H540S LCD TV

  Detail Color Blacks Shadow Detail Artifacts/Noise
(The Usual Suspects)
Crisp and clean, as expected.
A cloudy scene showing
a 747 on airport landing
approach shows the clear
distinction between the
white painted fuselage and
the white cloudy overcast
skies. Too bad the filmmakers
didn’t realize that a
subsequent rear angle shot
shows a twin-engined 767
landing instead— oops!
Color accuracy is very good,
and avoids the oversaturated
look of some other LCD
TVs. The distinctively bluecolored
NYPD police cars in
the Chapter 12 shakedown/
jewel robbery scene are accurately
portrayed. Chapter
13’s scene where emeralds
are laid out on dark cloth
shows rich color detail.
Fairly good but a tad washed
out compared to some other,
better-performing LCD
sets. Turning the backlighting
to a lower setting does
make a marked improvement,
as expected.
Some “black crush” noted,
where dark details appear
and then disappear based
on the average picture lighting—
a common trait with
many LCD sets. I found the
best results with the backlighting
set around the 20
percent range
None noted. With HD test
patterns, the set provided
pretty good results, a testament
to the quality of the
set’s video processor.
Eddie Murphy’s movie star
character likes his clothes
black, and in one scene his
black shirt features quite
noticeable stripes that are
well delineated.
As with Blu-ray, the Westinghouse’s
color quality is quite
good with DVD, looking
appropriately rich but not
overly so.
With brightly lit scenes,
sometimes the blacks get a
little washed out, as noted
with a Blu-ray source. Still,
quite watchable.
Also noted a small amount
of “black crush” where shadow
detail varies somewhat
according to the overall
scene lighting
None noted. With test
patterns, the set performs
admirably, with solid deinterlacing
performance and
mostly jaggies-free results.
(Big Bang/
Origins Of The Universe)
Lots of vintage black and
white photographs of noted
scientists, clearly showing
fine film grain details. Color
temperature at the lower
setting provides the most
neutral whites and grays.
Many depictions of colorful
celestial bodies that feature
bright colors against the
very dark universe backdrop
come out very well with this
One of the program’s commentators
wears a black
sport coat over a black shirt.
In this case, the set does a
good job of presenting black
With some of the black and
white still images, the darker
shades of gray are fairly well
None noted. I temporarily
set the satellite receiver’s
output to 1080i and the picture
looked as good as it did
when the box’s output was
set to 720p—more evidence
of good signal processing.


Ambient Light Tolerance: I found the best combination of picture brightness and black and dark gray detail with the backlighting control up a bit from the minimum setting. At around 30 or so foot-Lamberts, that’s still plenty of light output for a viewable picture with fairly bright ambient light surroundings.

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