Westinghouse LVM-37w1 37" LCD HD Monitor

A 1080p LCD set for under $2K? Yowza!

I was a little disappointed that the set offers only three aspect-ratio settings: STANDARD (4:3), FILL (HD or anamorphic DVDs) with about 4% "overscan," and ZOOM. There is no way to get a 1:1 ratio with no "overscan" using DVI or component- video inputs, which means both inputs exhibited some aliasing errors on test patterns, since only about 1020 lines actually appear over 1080 pixels on screen. There was almost 1:1 on the VGA input. Like every other LCD flat panel I have seen, the Westinghouse is sensitive to viewing angles, so that viewers will observe gradual reductions in contrast and black levels as they move away from center.

Overall, though, the LVM-37w1 exhibited a razor-sharp image with good source material that at times would take on compelling three-dimensional "snap." Provided your sample shows no problems with uneven screen illumination, the set's incredible sharpness and low price may make it the best performer for the buck on the market today. If a cost-effective, very high resolution 37" LCD flat-panel monitor is what you crave, consider the LVM-37w1.

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