Polk I-Sonic ES2 iPod Speaker System

Table-Top Entertainment System

With more subtle arrangements, such as those on Duke Ellington and John Coltrane [Grp Records], the mid- and high-range performance of the I-Sonic ES2 shined through. “In A Sentimental Mood” features a delicate interplay between the two artists, where Trane’s sax is breathy and restrained, while Ellington’s piano lines float by with a graceful, lively edge. The ES2’s imaging was also impressive here, giving you a vivid impression of all the instruments in this intimate collaboration.

Bottom Line

The ES2’s sound quality—most notably its soundstage, detail, and overall balance—would be impressive for any small surround-sound style speaker system, but among iPod speakers, it’s definitely a top contender. Its HD radio and iTunes tagging features are a big bonus and might just change the way you listen to, discover, and purchase music.

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