Autonomic Unveils Complete Distributed Audio Solution

Autonomic, supplying the custom electronics industry with award-winning high performance cloud-based media solutions, has announced the introduction of two Mirage Digital Amplifiers engineered to interface seamlessly with Mirage Media Servers. The 8-channel M400 and 16-channel M800 create the ultimate cloud-based distributed audio or audio/video product lineup for custom installers seeking intuitive complete solutions in a broad budget range. Both new amplifiers will be recognized automatically by Autonomic’s web, iOS or Android applications to provide out of the box, full control of all zones including volume, source selection and independent zone power (on/off). Additionally, Autonomic is debuting two in-wall interface options including a basic keypad and an iPod touch® control mount for the ultimate global distributed A/V solution.

“Our goal for these amplifier and interface products was to make life easier for our dealer installers, particularly as they address customers who are seeking basic audio-only installations,” explained Autonomic CEO Michael de Nigris. “Mirage Media Servers have become well known for their cloud compatibility and integration with major control platforms; however these new products make our systems ideal for distributed audio packages in a wide price range of installations. Integrators will also appreciate the efficiency and reliability of products that were designed and engineered to work together,” de Nigris concluded. MSRP for the M400 is $2495 and $3495 for the M800. The MKP-1 keypad has an MSRP of $200 and the MKP-iOS keypad mount (available through partnership with iPort) has an MSRP of $250 (excluding iPod touch®). All models are expected to ship to dealers Q4, 2012.


Mirage Digital Amplifier Summary

The Mirage Digital Amplifier M400 is a four zone/six source amplifier that is well suited to smaller installations, or as an add-on amplifier to the M800 to support larger projects with additional zones. The Mirage Digital Amplifier M800 supports eight zones and eight sources. In addition to traditional analog inputs, both products have high resolution internal D/A converters with coax digital inputs for all sources, making them an ideal pair with Mirage Media Servers, all of which feature a digital output that can be used as the primary source to supply high quality music to any of the zones.


User Interface Options

The Autonomic MKP-1 in-wall keypad will offer simple and intuitive control of volume, source, and independent zone power, providing convenient local access to these important functions.

For more advanced control, the Autonomic MKP-iOS is an in-wall keypad mount designed to accommodate the Apple® iPod touch®. Ideal for full control of the system in heavily used zones, the MKP-iOS securely and permanently affixes an iPod touch® into the wall, providing the ultimate interface solution for the distributed audio system utilizing Autonomic’s outstanding iOS app. The Mirage application will operate knowing which zone is native to that keypad. Other applications on the iOS device will remain fully operational; extending the functionality of the keypad by providing access to any other application such as home automation control, weather and news updates, or anything that the user desires. The MKP-iOS keeps the iOS device fully charged and powered through a single Cat-5 cable wired back to the amplifier location, and can optionally be powered locally using a DC power supply.


Distinguishing Features

Several unique features make the M400/800 amplifiers stand out from their competition when selecting an amplifier for use with a Mirage Media Server, or even as a standalone solution.

1) IP controllable. Most matrix amplifiers are only controllable via RS-232. The M400 and M800 offer both connectivity options
2) 50 watts per channel power distribution. This is significantly higher that most distributed audio amplifiers that average between 15-25 watts per channel, delivering a superior listening experience.
3) Coax digital inputs allowing for a pristine signal path from the MMS (or other components) to the amplifier. This is made more important due to the higher power rating of this amplifier, which may allow installers to use higher quality speakers. Most matrix amplifiers do not provide digital inputs of any kind.
4) Provides a pre-configured and complete solution when paired with an MMS. All MMS applications, keypads, and interfaces will recognize that the system includes an amplifier.
5) Advanced scheduling interface with the Mirage MMS allows any zone to automatically power on / off and play preset programs from local content or streaming services.

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