Will a Tivo work as a music server

hiflier -- Wed, 03/10/2010 - 19:58

I am getting started on digitising my large selection of Jazz L.P.s. I am thrifty and do not want to spend a whole lot on a dedicated music server, splendid thoug they may be . It occured to me that perhaps a Tivo would store Hi Rez audio and play it through my stereo  via the Tivo,s optical audio output  to a DAC. In addition, I could download album info. from the internet to the Tivo through its USB connection and see it on my TV which plays audio through my stereo. Am I dreaming?.
A quick look at ebay's Tivo,s for sale indicated a large selection for not much money. There were equivalent DVR.s from other manufacturers such as Toshiba with some variation on Tivo's features. Tivo advertises that its DVR's can be used for photo,s stored  on a computer, and also store and play MP3 files, Why not Hi Rez audio and play lists?

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