Why does the owner of a company get the credit for designing if he / she doesn't design ?

default -- Wed, 04/25/2012 - 15:37

One thing that irritates me about audio companies is when the owner gets all the credit for designing something when he or she does not do design work at all, and in many cases can not do any as he or she does not know how due to lack of education in one or more engineering disciplines, but has engineers and designers and drafters doing it for him / her as a paid employee of that company. While the owner may contribute some of the ideas and concepts, if he or she does not actually do the engineering calculations, designing, materials selection and sizing based on relevant mechanical and electrical and acoustical properties, prototyping, testing, refinement, and so on, then he or she should not be credited for having done so. All of that that credit should be given to the person(s) doing it for the owner, who, if it were not for those persons, the owner wouldn't be able to do any of it him or herself in many cases.
My case in point is when I worked at a certain company in 2004 where the owner said to me, "I don't speak the language of CAD/CAM" in regard to my being interviewed and hired to do electronic testing and speaker design. I was given a few very general concepts of what the owner wanted the speaker to be like in terms of size, shape, and basic aspects, yet the owner was given full credit by his authorized dealer in CA for having designed it in all aspects which was simply not even close to being true. After a few calls to that dealer about it with all of the details to prove myself, the description reads correctly.
While that may be my example from my experience, it also gets my goat in general. The reviewers paint these pictures of the owners as being the engineer, designer, etc. as if the owner did all of the engineering related work him or herself, and in most cases, that is simply not true or even factually accurate. If the owner is the engineer or designer and did the work, then he or she does deserve the credit, but if not, then get out of the spot light as you soak up all the recognition and credit and give it to those who actually did the work / deserve it, and then give them a darn big raise as they are the people that you make your reputation off of. it is well known in this industry that unhappy or disgruntled or technically limited / frustrated engineers and designers from a company take all that they know and start a new company or offer their talents to a competitor.

Twochannelman (not verified) -- Wed, 04/25/2012 - 15:50

I mean, seriously, do you think that you would read an article from any of these industry big shot owners giving up their accolades and often times incorrect recognition as the designer or engineer to their employees who actually did the work for them as they are the engineers and designers ? I doubt it. Could you picture (fill in the blank - owner) of (fill in the blank - company) saying, "You know, I did not do any of the design or engineering on this product or any of my company's products for that matter. The person(s) that did is(are): (fill in the blank with the employee name(s). It is always interesting to read an article about how someone high up in a company got started in audio when he or she does not know how to design any of it and is nothing but the bean counter or finance person or human resources manager who became the owner or president due to the person who was the actual engineer or designer having died or retired or changed careers, etc. What can that person tell us about anything engineering related in regard to that company's products ?

Sam -- Thu, 04/26/2012 - 00:59

Welcome to the real world man! The people turning the knobs of the financial system are just clever no bodies who have a lot of money and power. The guys that slave labor for them get a little piece but not even close. Do u really think the owners of even non audio related companies are educated and designing things? They merely have others break their backs to make money for them. It's an art and It doesn't require a degree or contribution. They know how to milk the system and Then enjoy it while the guys who do all the work whine and complain with small salaries. Capitalism, free market and land of opportunity. What do you think opportunity means?

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