Which amp has bass to sub when Large Front speakers are selected?

default -- Thu, 02/19/2009 - 13:08

I have a Pioneer D811S, a 7.1 receiver, that does not send bass output to the sub when the front speaker size is set to Large like the manual states.
After contacting Pioneer, they stated this is how their software is designed and that all current models perform the same way.
Are there any manufactures that you have personally tested that do not cut the bass to the sub-woofer when the front speakers are set to Large?
I am seeking a replacement for my Pioneer .
My front speakers are Cerwin Vega 12T that contain a 12 inch woofer, that is why I want bass going to the fronts for fill effect.

Steven Stone -- Thu, 02/19/2009 - 16:27

 There's another option.
WIth many subwoofers you have a "high-level" input designed to take the signal directly from an amplifier's speaker outputs.
If your sub has built-in level and crossover adjustments you can attach a second set of speaker cables from your amp's front left and right speaker outputs and run this set of cables to the subwoofer and use the subwoofer's internal crossover to blend it with your front speakers.

Steven Stone
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