What's The Best SACD Player Under $10k?

default -- Wed, 05/20/2009 - 15:31

I'm looking to purchase a reference caliber SACD player.  I would love to hear what the members of this forum would buy for $10,000 or less.

sergiohm -- Wed, 05/04/2011 - 10:38

There is plenty available on ebay, the replacement could be OPPO BDP-95, BDP-83 SE or Denon DBP-4010UDCI - at the 2K price limit.

Zak -- Wed, 05/11/2011 - 13:42

I own an EMM cdsa player for about 3 years and it stood the test of time next to the best things around like Weiss Medea, Dac 202 ,Audio Research Dac 7,Grace 904 and although there is something to admire on the other dacs and players it is always a very pleasant return to it.
The player that really challenged The EMM is The Meridian 808 mk 1 I also own which I prefer on Cd playback in general and I wonder how much better the MK II must be with the apodizing filter.
Still the EMM is always satisfying although for the money we should get a better transport mechanism.

JA FANT -- Thu, 05/12/2011 - 22:48

With a budget of $10K, there are many choices both used and new. Keep us posted on which you purchase!

JLeeMD -- Wed, 05/18/2011 - 17:00

As the original post person, I purchased the Esoteric X-05 about 1 1/2 years ago...superb player that was quite a bit better than the Sony SCD-777ES it replaced.  However, a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a Mark Levinson No.512 SACD/CD player that retails for $15k but was available for far less as it was a dealer demo.  The short of it is that I brought it home for an audition and ended up buying it.  I now have a mint X-05 for sale :-)

Mr. Daniel -- Fri, 09/16/2011 - 08:29

I have the Sony 9000ES and it is the first time that I heard that the 5400ES sounds even better.  Is it just for the XLR outputs in the 5400ES?  I am interested in a Esoteric X-05.  Anybody knows the difference between the Oppo BDP-95 and the MacIntosh MCD-500 (both using Sabres)?  Is there any chance of BDP-95 being better than such MacIntosh?
Thanks in advance.


MagicianFl -- Wed, 01/25/2012 - 22:22

 So now it's 2012 and I am wondering.   Since most of the money in a sacd player goes to control the spin rate and the processing of digital data,  wouldn't it make sense to just rip the sacd with a low cost player (Sony ps3 comes to mind). Then use a streaming device like the Olive to basically achieve perfect data transfer as well as convenience of not having to handle individual sacds all the time?  
For well under 4k one can put a rig together that I doubt anyone who spent even 20k for an SACD player would be able to identify in a double blind experiment.  Thoughts?

drjjpdc -- Wed, 03/14/2012 - 22:16

Boy even though I am 57 and have been buying equipment for 40 years, I had an experience with a friend of mine that threw me for a loop. He was given an EMM Labs CDSD/DAC 6E combo a few years ago. It sounded great but recently developed some problems reading discs. Now he is a retired priest on Social Security with not a lot of money. The following was a response from EMM Labs.
That CDSD is over 8 years old and unfortunately the drive was discontinued about 5 years ago. We did have spare parts for awhile, but we have since run out of them. It could be the disc, try another one. Or the lens may need cleaning. The drive is on its last legs. The drive board is failing. As I mentioned above drives and drive boards are no longer available for these units so if it is 3 or 4 then there isn't too much we can do about it.
I am not trying to beat EMM Labs up, I was just trying to help a friend. So we had an 8 year old player and the drive was discontinued 3 years after the product was introduced and no parts are available any longer. I do not have any equipment of EMM Labs quality or price point. But it boggles my mind that a unit that expensive has run out of parts in just a few years. I mean are there really no after market drives/boards that would work? I would think a company would offer an upgrade for some additional funds. But nothing of the sort happened. It's just very confusing to me. I have some very nice components but not so highly priced (Quicksillver V4's and an Audible Illusions M3A) as the EMM Labs stuff. I know I have no trouble getting parts, why is digital so different? Isn't it basically like a computer drive? Why can't a drive/board from another EMM Labs model be used?
As I said the units are of exceptional quality and as far as sound goes EMM Labs offers up some of the best sound from digital that I have heard. But if giving the lens a cleaning doesn't work, my dear friend will be left with a very expensive paperweight or maybe a planter. I just don't get it.

Sam -- Fri, 04/27/2012 - 01:55

Basically what EMMs is saying is that ur friend needs another $50,000 SACD PLAYER. retired priest. I didn't think they were into entertainment or money. Hope he finds another player. 8 yr old stuff was still there for several years. These days latest and greatest is oh every day and discontinued within a very short amount of time. If u r purchasing something today. Think of it as a final purchase, if it goes bad it's gone. Very high discontinuity rate. And the way dealers are disappearing, wont have anyone to get it repaired for u anyways. In audio it's a sellers market. Because so few buyers audio companies can charge what ever they want and only big boys will play. Little ones needn't apply. Sad but That's the new game.

drjjpdc -- Fri, 04/27/2012 - 07:46

Well before he became a priest later in life, he designed and made speakers as well as pipe organs.

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