Vinyl Returns in the Age of MP3

Jim Hannon -- Mon, 06/09/2008 - 23:00

I've seen similar articles on vinyl appearing in the mainstream press recently. Instead of adopting a "look what these kooks are doing" perspective as in years past, they are actually speaking to the sonic merits of vinyl vs. other media.

It helps that a number of young people are jumping on the vinyl bandwagon, and that so many artists hear the difference. One senior record company exec I know says he uses the prospect of a vinyl release to attract (and retain) artists.

It would be interesting to compile a list of recording artists/groups who are vinyl advocates. I bet people would be surprised at how big the list is. Here's a start just from the link you provided;
- Neil Young,
- Elvis Costello
- The Raconteurs,
- The Doors' Ray Manszurek
- Radiohead
- Trent Resnor/Nine Inch Nails
- Ryan Adams
- Bruce Springsteen

Plus a few other obvious candidates:
- James Taylor
- ZZ Top
- JJ Cale
- Eric Clapton
- ???

BG -- Tue, 06/10/2008 - 11:03

For those who love vinyl, one of my favorite retailers,, is having a huge LP promotion throughout the summer. The details:

Insound, the premier online indie music store for nearly 10 years, introduces its “Summer of Vinyl” to celebrate their own life-long love affair as well as the recent market resurgence of the vinyl record. The program kicks off on Tuesday June 10th and will feature a new weekly promotion for the following 8 weeks, beginning with the “Vinyl Starter Kit.”

The Insound “Summer of Vinyl” line-up:

•    June 10th:         Vinyl Starter Kit: Buy a Turntable and get a free record
•    June 17th:          Best of 2008 So Far (10% off Insound's staff picks for the
                                       best records of the year so far)
•    June 24th:         Vinyl Box Sets Special (15% off 20 box set titles)
•    July 1rst:            Turntable Accessories Sale (15% off vinyl bags, needles,
                                       cleaning kits and more).
•    July 8th:             "Who Knew That Was on Wax?!" (10% off select "who knew" titles)
•    July 15th:            Insound Staff's All-Time Favorite Records (10% off select titles)
•    July 22nd:          Favorites from Insound's 7" Collection (10% off hand-picked titles)
•    July 29th:           Vinyl Essentials (10% off select crucial titles)

Additionally, this month Insound will debut its “LP+MP3” program, wherein customers who buy certain LP titles will receive the MP3s of the albums tracks free, immediately with purchase upon checkout. Insound will constantly be adding labels and titles as part of this new offering. The first 20 titles in this program will be classics from the Touch and Go Records catalog and include: Slint’s “Spiderland,” Jesus Lizard’s “Down,” Blonde Redhead’s “Melodie Citronique” and “Melody of Certain,” !!!’s “Louden Up Now” and “Hello Is This Thing On” (10"), Pinback’s “Summer in Abaddon, “ and CocoRosie’s “La Maison.”

Insound is the best online source for indie and influential vinyl releases, from limited-edition 7”s and classic album re-issues. Visit Insound’s newly-relaunched website at for more information on Insound’s extensive offering of digital and physical music, silk-screened posters and t-shirts, gifts and more.
Insound also recently kicked off “Give More. Get More” – a new value proposition for digital music on The “Give More” part is called “Show Support”: every time a shopper purchases a digital album, Insound will donate $.25 from its profit to a young touring band of the shopper’s choosing (featuring The Big Sleep, Russian Circles, The Twilight Sad, Headlights, Epsilons or Videohippos). The “Get More” arm rewards each shopper who purchases a digital album with a free Insound Digital Mixtape curated by the Insound staff that features 10-15 tracks from emerging new artists.

Bob Gendron
Music Editor, TAS and Playback

Robert Harley -- Tue, 06/10/2008 - 13:46

Here's yet another mainstream-media story on vinyl:

Tom Martin -- Fri, 06/13/2008 - 11:10

More on vinyl at retail:

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