Tivoli Audio Model One AM/FM Radio is an excellent product

default -- Mon, 09/08/2008 - 11:28

Hi folks,

A few years ago, I got my wife a Tivoli Audio Model One radio for Christmas. It was $120 plus sales tax here in PA. It was also well worth it and then some. Usually just my wife uses it to tune in and listen to various sermons and gospel music throughout the day or evening. She has been highly pleased with how it sounds, how easy it is to use, tuning in stations in AM or FM is extremely easy as the tuning dial ratio is really made for fine tuning and then some as it is also super sensitive to both, and how it looks as well. She gave it the spouse acceptance factor thumbs up right away and ever since. It has also been 100% reliable with no problems or deficiencies what so ever.

On this past weekend, since we have no stereo system at all any more for almost a year now (sold it off to raise money to sustain ourselves due to some hard times last year for me and her job-wise), we listened to that (yes, in mono) in the living room on top of the curio cabinet in the corner. It rocked !!! I was totally into it !! This little radio, with one speaker, and of modest power at most, really did the job and did it well. I was amazed how much impact the thing has and how clear it stays as you crank it up. It has great presence, projection, and fullness.

The blues were soulful and sounded great, as did Van Halen, Rush, Metallica, etc. as I tuned through various stations like a kid in a candy store finding little treasures and nuggets of gold from song to song. Smoke on the water really was it though as that just rocked. Yes, this thing has bass and does it impressively. It was simple, humble to say the least, and so much fun that it made my, and our, night so much better.

Thank you, Tivoli Audio, for a job very well done. I would recommend this to anyone with no reservations of any kind as it is clearly fantastic.

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