quadlover -- Sun, 01/22/2012 - 11:32

I posted this question on Stereophile and it has been a hot topic so I decided to post it here.  What does everyone think of the new Audiogon?
Let me start off by admitting my bias...I loath it.  It is poorly organized, lacks the catagories of old Audiogon, finding the discussion posts is far more difficult...I could go on and on.  Audiogon is not responding to the comments by me and a number of my friends, begging them to either redo the change or go back to the old way.  I am an active buyer and seller on Audiogon, as are my friends.  Based on # of items in daily listing we estimate audiogon's new listings are down at least 30%-40%.
Audiogon has been one of the most game changing parts of the audio industry in the last few years, probably second only to digital playback devices.  There is NOTHING that compares to it for the audio world...not Ebay, Craigslist, Amazon or (sorry TAS) Soundoffers. 
Change is not a bad thing but when you kill off business and alienate your core market you better change fast, change back, or you'll fade off into the sunset!
Maybe Audiogon will read these posts and address these issues.

Steven Stone -- Sun, 01/22/2012 - 11:39

 For me, not much on Audiogon has changed since I don't use the search function or the discussion groups. I merely log in and see what's new - it usually takes me less than five minutes to go through the new listings...

Steven Stone
Contributor to The Absolute Sound,, Vintage Guitar Magazine, and other fine publications

wiremanagement -- Sun, 01/22/2012 - 13:40

Even if you only cruise thru the "New Today" listings you should be able to see considerable changes. Yes Steve, you must be a very casual user not to see the changes at the new AudiogoN.

Redemption -- Sun, 07/08/2012 - 21:45

Based on all the feedback from users on the Audiogon changes, US AudioMart was opened by the guys behind the CanuckAudioMart free classifieds site.

So far the response is very positive, and there are daily postings.

Steven Stone -- Sun, 01/22/2012 - 13:40

 I see the changes, but they don't matter - formats change - you adapt - that's the modern world...

Steven Stone
Contributor to The Absolute Sound,, Vintage Guitar Magazine, and other fine publications

wiremanagement -- Sun, 01/22/2012 - 13:42

The changes matter to quite a few AudiogoN members.

Steven Stone -- Sun, 01/22/2012 - 13:46

And they've been quite verbal about their concerns.

Hate to get Darwinian on you but, "adapt or else" is the phrase of the day...

Steven Stone
Contributor to The Absolute Sound,, Vintage Guitar Magazine, and other fine publications

wiremanagement -- Sun, 01/22/2012 - 14:07

I agree with you Steve that there is an evolution taking place over at the New AudiogoN. Along with that change will be a split of the membership and judging from the large amount of unhappy members, the evolution will eventually inspire someone to develope a new site which will embrace the original AudiogoN site concept. So it is just like you say Steve- "adapt or else".

DaveC -- Sun, 01/22/2012 - 16:19

The "new" Audiogon is a catastrophic failure. Period.  I can find nothing redeeming about the new format compared to the old. There was nothing broken about the previous format and what we have here is change for the sake of change, beta testing at its most primitive.  It is difficult to believe that a prosperous and effective business could be euthanized so quickly in the name of improvement. Darwinian natural selection applies to businesses as well as their customers.  

keslerd -- Sat, 02/04/2012 - 18:06

The new audiogon was designed by an idiot.... I've been a customer/user for many years.... hopefully someone with at least half brain will start up another old audiogon....soon.... I have some Harbeths I need to sell....

brion -- Mon, 01/23/2012 - 01:02

 Amen, Dave C. 
From the inability to change the price, or "amend" the ads (which is a joke: I amended my and, and it showed 3 versions of the ad, instead of what I thought I erased and changed) to the part where you think you're writing a prospective buyer and find your entire correspondence is visible to others, this thing is not working at all. It may be the proverbial "work in progress," but right now it's a progressively dismal failure. And the staff there must be manned by inexperienced people (you can rightly read: young). I had a dispute, and had every email the seller had sent me, and they only allow for a dispute, rebuttal and final statement and that's how they render their "decision." Not to mention that, when I asked for clarification, such as, does this mean the seller and I are supposed to negotiage furthur, I got back a one word reply: "yes." Now, having been a detective, I know a person of 40 years or older would have had enough wisdom to elaborate, (unless they have some sort of personality disorder), so it became clear to me that this was a "don't-bother-me-I-have-spoken." I would have added to that, "I am OZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL" so don't question me. After, all who are YOU? WHO ARE YOU??? That's the tone of the the site these days. And no human contact whatsoever. And this was BEFORE the site was updated!!!!!  They don't seem to understand biting the hand that pays their ads. They may have information, but, as Einstein said, "Information is NOT KNOWLEDGE." They have yet to learn that.

wiremanagement -- Mon, 01/23/2012 - 05:35

I am passing this link along to all who are interested:

Nicholas.Bedworth -- Tue, 01/24/2012 - 19:42

The site is almost completely broken. Sellers are not getting bids. Critical merchandising functions have been removed. And it isn't possible to even log in to post reviews, or respond to forum threads. Total fail. It's a typical example of clueless IT types breaking what isn't broken. So, no, this isn't about format, it's about lack of functionality. They have a long ways to go before format is an issue.
They've apparently rolled their old database into the new one (all previous transactions show the date of the roll up, rather than the correct transaction date), so it doesn't look like reverting to the old version is a possibility. Why they pulled the switch with all these problems obvious is hard to understand.

Nicholas Bedworth  
DigitalDirect Media Services, LLC    Text/voice 1.808.372.2883 (GMT -10)   nicholas [dot] bedworth [at] digitaldirect [dot] com (nicholas.bedworth@digitaldi)

Nicholas.Bedworth -- Tue, 01/24/2012 - 19:46

Does this tell the story? With only 40% of their former traffic, they have a problem. Now, not to pick on them too much, as they're obviously not enjoying what's going on either, but it's got to improve quickly before the core audience is alienated.

Nicholas Bedworth  
DigitalDirect Media Services, LLC    Text/voice 1.808.372.2883 (GMT -10)   nicholas [dot] bedworth [at] digitaldirect [dot] com (nicholas.bedworth@digitaldi)

wiremanagement -- Tue, 01/24/2012 - 20:49

"Not to pick on them too much" ?? Palease!! C'mon Nick!! You are being much too nice. The "powers to be" over @ AudiogoN have chosen not to listen to its members from the beginning of this fiasco plus now they are trying to suppress comments aimed at their failure of the "New Look" and suggestions as to how it could be salvaged. What about the members who lost deals on listed equipment because of the new management's inability to run the sight?? How do you think they feel about the "New AudiogoN"? We have to practice tough love here. Why should we have any sympathy for them? If they return to a format that "works", then members will return. Otherwise, we say we go elsewhere. It is in their own best interest to listen to the people who previously used the site. We know what has worked all these years and it is OBVIOUS they don't.

Nicholas.Bedworth -- Tue, 01/24/2012 - 21:05

Well, they're obviously experiencing a major disaster, people may lose their jobs (or wish they had...). We're just the customers, so to speak, they're the business that's in trouble. My guess is that the numbers above tell them everything they need to know about the new Audiogon, and it isn't pretty. Page views down 77% is basically "out of business", meaning they're unlikely to be making any  money at that level, let alone with problems with the ads, executing transactions and so forth.
Why they didn't roll this out to, say, 100 users, then 1000 users, etc. is very odd. Even the first user would have spotted all the user experience problems, and with a handful of additional testers, they'd see the transactions problems.
Can anyone else log in to post reviews or comments? Seems like that's a fairly fundamental thing to verify before letting the site go live.

Nicholas Bedworth  
DigitalDirect Media Services, LLC    Text/voice 1.808.372.2883 (GMT -10)   nicholas [dot] bedworth [at] digitaldirect [dot] com (nicholas.bedworth@digitaldi)

wiremanagement -- Tue, 01/24/2012 - 23:07

The whole "New AudiogoN" thing doesn't make sense to me. The only guy who made out is Arnie (I think that was his name) who started the original AudiogoN. I am sure he sold the site to a bunch of young yahoos and is laughing all the way to the bank. All we have to do now is to track him down and plead with him to start up another AudiogoN. He starts making $$ again, and we are all happy.....again.

quadlover -- Tue, 01/24/2012 - 23:08

 All they had to do was test it on videogon since it is a minor league cousin to the good old audiogon.  Come to think of it maybe we should support videogon as a protest!
1 simple test to prove how piss poor the site has become. Type "SACD" into search.  Old audiogon would list hardware together, software together, and auctions first...oldest to newest.  New audiogon is just a mishmash of anything with SACD in listing, forcing people to look at all listings for what's new.  I have never seen such a backward attempt to improve the product. Yes I keep looking at the site, hoping for changes that just aren't happening.  I have equipment I wanted to sell, so that I could buy new updates. I will not list there way!  So both the new and old product market suffers.
This doesn't count 100% positive feedbacks for people with NO past feedback.
Mr. Stone, I respect your reviews throughout the years you have been with TAS, but honestly, if the magazine made a change and you lost 40% or more of your readers immediately, not to mention advertisers, how soon until the publisher or editor wait to change back or further evolve?

wiremanagement -- Tue, 01/24/2012 - 23:19

Quadlover- Pull on your tall boots....... I sense some real double talk bullshit coming your way

Nicholas.Bedworth -- Wed, 01/25/2012 - 00:03

They lost 60% of their pageviews, which is the kiss of death in two ways. Firstly, their advertising rates relate more or less to pageviews, and secondly the lost pageviews also mean few people are looking to buy, reducing transaction fees, and of course making the site less desireable as a place to sell.
So, they certainly didn't adapt to some new paradigm of Web site design; they regressed to how some IT person thought it should be done, rather than how the community wanted it, which was reflected in the original site. Keep in mind that Audiogon traffic is, or rather way, 10X that of any of the other high-end audio sites, so that's a lot of readers.
They know they have a problem, of course, so let's hope they pull out of the tailspin quickly. Obviously there are problems with the management, in that whoever is in charge of marketing let this happen.

Nicholas Bedworth  
DigitalDirect Media Services, LLC    Text/voice 1.808.372.2883 (GMT -10)   nicholas [dot] bedworth [at] digitaldirect [dot] com (nicholas.bedworth@digitaldi)

Zach -- Wed, 01/25/2012 - 11:38

 Audiogon's "update" was not as innovative as it should have been. It is now impossible to view all the items from a perticular seller (such as traditional brick and mortar stores). Audiogon really needs to innovate their site so that the end user can find/sell/view with ease in addition to having a greater visual experience; if they fail to do so, they will be in danger of becoming irrelevant. -- Fri, 01/27/2012 - 15:20

I put a new poll up at:
if you want to provide feedback about things that need fixing

(they are no longer accepting feedback on their own blog or forum)

brion -- Sun, 01/29/2012 - 11:00

 And, while I understand Steven Stone's comment, I'd like to point out that some things are not a matter of social change or evolution. As you might recall Steven, Bank of America tried to impose a $5 fee on debit card purchases, as did Verizon Wireless ($2 to pay your bill by phone) and they beat a hasty retreat. Adapt or die would not seem to be a particularly wise analogy here.

I would think Audiogon would use Einstein's adage "Make things as simple as possible, but no simpler" as their mantra. They wrecked the site to the point that, if you want to use Paypal, you can't grab the person's email address and go to Paypal outside of Audiogon's site and pay. I don't care to have to go to a secure place like Paypal THROUGH Audiogon. I like to sign in separately. They're trying to keep track of every transaction so they can get their money out of it, and this is the only way they can be CERTAIN of it. It's a pretty F****ed up way to do it: causing people to enter keystrokes that could be read by a hacker. That's not smart. That's stupid -- and greedy.

Steven Stone -- Sun, 01/29/2012 - 17:40

Brion, I didn't know about the new Paypal route. I have yet to do any business with or through the new Audiogon. I'm getting more comfortable with the new layouts and search categories.

I'm sure that sharpies were doing lots of side-deals that cut out Audiogon. Will their tracking method cut down on that? Probably not - some people just don't like to pay sales commissions, but it is less convenient for other users...

Steven Stone
Contributor to The Absolute Sound,, Vintage Guitar Magazine, and other fine publications

Steven Simon -- Tue, 01/31/2012 - 06:35

 Al I know is that I recently bought - or rather thought I had bought -- a set of interconnects, but was told that I had to wait for the seller to determine shipping or something before my Paypal transaction could be completed and have heard nothing since.  This never happened before and I suspect it's related to whatever has alienated 40% of Audiogon's users. Too bad. It was great while it lasted...

quadlover -- Wed, 02/01/2012 - 13:19

Well it has been almost 30 days and audiogon still doesn't want to admit its screw up.  Regardless of any claims to the contrary the new audiogon has to be considered an out and out failure.  Simple proof...old audiogon normerlyl had 150-300 items listed in "new today column".  If you look at new audiogon under new listings all they give you is everything for sale on audiogon.  assuming most "for sale" ads list for 28-30 days as decided by seller, the new audiogon listings are off at least 40%.  How long must this nonsense last?
If audiogon was really concerned about customer satisfaction why don't they address these vocal concerns from those of us that have been and want to continue to be their ardent supporters?
As someone listed earlier, Coke realized the public did not want "new" Coke so Coke classic was brought to market.  Bank and wireless company fees have been altered due to public outcries.
Are the operators of audiogon blind and/or deaf?  Or just dumb?

blackfly -- Wed, 02/01/2012 - 22:27

 I only hunt Audiogon for my usual daily routine of looking for specific items.  But the new A is terrible.  If it ain't broke....
Everyone wants to make their mark.  I guess someone wanted change to make theirs.  Total failure, however.  Not nearly as intuitive or user-friendly.  Searches are less populated.  And the CS is terrible.   My only bad internet sale gone bad was Audiogon and it was a disaster.  Trust is huge these days and I have none unless the seller on Audiogon is a registered store.

Nicholas.Bedworth -- Wed, 02/01/2012 - 22:38

According to the A'gon blog, the Quantcast numbers don't reflect all the new pages that were developed recently. A more recent Quantcast graph shows that traffic is back up to about the same levels as before; this graph also agrees with the one A'gon supplies from their internal Google Analytics reports. So looks like traffic, at least, is normal.
Now, if the number of new postings continues to be low, or their software doesn't show them properly (both could be happening), that's another problem.
Apparently the site changes reflect the ideas of the new ownership.

Nicholas Bedworth  
DigitalDirect Media Services, LLC    Text/voice 1.808.372.2883 (GMT -10)   nicholas [dot] bedworth [at] digitaldirect [dot] com (nicholas.bedworth@digitaldi)

quadlover -- Thu, 02/02/2012 - 15:00

what is the average time spent cruising the new site vs. the old? it doesn't matter how many times people look at is how long they stay on and even more they buy and sell. the number of average new items a day suggests the new site is an unmitigated disaster. -- Wed, 02/01/2012 - 23:12

The issue of "traffic" is an interesting one.  The only traffic that really matters to the paying customers are the pageviews of the classified ads and sales.  Both of these are clearly way down since the 'upgrade', but hard numbers are hard to come by.  Audiogon INC. certainly isn't releasing any information on that!
The Quantcast numbers are now counting the addresses (where the classifieds now live), but if you graph a 3-month view of "pageviews" using Quantcast and you ignore the 20-something day gap, you can clearly see that pageviews are in fact way down.    The average person looked at 25 pages before, and only 15 or so now.
People are still going there, but they are not looking around much anymore.

mribob -- Thu, 02/02/2012 - 14:26

Anyone remember the diaster that befell Netflix; with their 'improvement' to generate more revenue; stock dumped huge; members dropped services; then they admitted collosal failure; and returned to tried, tested, and working model; stock now up, members happier...
Hope Audiogon learns a page from Netflix's playbook...
I'm not enamoured with the new 'Gon either...bring back the old Coke...


Nicholas.Bedworth -- Sat, 02/04/2012 - 19:07

The IT people there had to deal with lot.
However, the tech support is quite responsive, and slowly but surely, they're fixing the functional problems. In another month they should be in good shape.
The difference in page count may reflect the IT behind the new portions of the site.You'd have to see on a subdirectory by subdirectory basis what's happening to be sure. If you look at the page views from 30 January onward, they're down 1-2% which is probably not a significant difference. The visitors before and after the changeover are about 8% less than last year.

Nicholas Bedworth  
DigitalDirect Media Services, LLC    Text/voice 1.808.372.2883 (GMT -10)   nicholas [dot] bedworth [at] digitaldirect [dot] com (nicholas.bedworth@digitaldi)

Melbguy1 -- Mon, 02/06/2012 - 06:27

I agree with most of the comments above. The new Audiogon is crap, security is terrible, mods are acting like Hitler's SS & we can only hope Arnie does indeed save us from this mess! My advice is, if you have reviews on AG or posts you want to save, copy & save them to your pc before AG shuts its doors!

vhiner -- Tue, 02/07/2012 - 01:46

 Steven Stone,
The uproar, and it is an uproar, is not about people's cheese being moved. Here are some easily verified facts: for sale listings by non- dealer members are significantly down. Items, which only last October would sell in days, now languish on the site for weeks. Customer feedback is almost uniformly negative and thoroughly ignored by the site's owners. The site's own customer service reps are encouraging members to take their concerns to a wider forum because (I have these emails) " the owners won't even listen to employees here."  
You should care about this because Audiogon has served as an essential and itegral part of the high end food chain. Many people I know are choosing not to buy new high dollar products because they cannot resell what they currently own. If the only way one can afford to buy a $15,000 pair of speakers is to resell one's $6,000 speakers, the health of the used marketplace becomes a key factor in the calculation. I wouldn't want to be selling a used pair of high quality speakers on Audiogon right now and many savy customers feel the same way. These individuals are also very concerned that Audiogon's owners have no interest in anything they have to say.

I have worked as a reporter for several national news organizations and while this is not a big story for most people, it is a huge story in the world of high end audio. If manufactuers and high end audio publications are struggling with their bottom lines now, they will be shocked when the secondary market for high dollar equipment withers away. One can attribute the sudden decline of prices and sales of expensive high end equipment to a flagging economy, but that would be a facile analysis of what has happened during the past month. Will an alternative emerge? Undoubtedly. Will a great many people lose a significant amount of money waiting for that to happen? Unless influential journalists decide to take this important market story seriously, I think the losses for everyone associated with the high end market are inevitable.

wiremanagement -- Tue, 02/07/2012 - 07:42

Very well said and an excellent analysis of what will become the "trickle up effect" on the (non) sales on new equipment -  the halting sales of used equipment via AudiogoN. Hopefully with your connections to national news orginizations, you could spread the word and generate some interest among fellow journalists who are interested in reporting the complete story.

vhiner -- Tue, 02/07/2012 - 11:15

No one cares about this story outside of the insular world of high end audio. If TAS and Stereophile choose to ignore this story, they will, intentionally or not, be contributing to a real decline in their own economic fortunes. Marketplaces are driven by confidence and perception. Owners and purchasers of high end audio have lost confidence in their current marketplace. To believe that everyone's "stock" will be unaffected by this is to ignore the laws of economy. I urge you all to contact any dealers you've ever done business with and explain to them that you won't be buying their goods if you can't sell your own.

To those who blithely say, "Take your business elsewhere" I would say that such advice is like telling those who use the Dow to find another exchange. It ain't so simple. -- Tue, 02/07/2012 - 08:03

I too would like to echo Vhiner's point that the health of the used market has a direct impact on the new market. Of course, Audiogon used to be a place where lots of new gear found its first user, and dealers are also participating in the current uproar.

For me, the underlying story here is not just one about a company messing up their website. Instead, the real story is about a company that alienated its loyal customer base. It takes years to build up a trading community, but apparently only a month to dismantle it!

DaveC -- Tue, 02/07/2012 - 20:32

 I believe that vhiner's analysis is very astute and portends a potentially ominous future for the health of high end audio. I have been an Audiogon member since 2002. The trust I developed over time in the membership and integrity of the site allowed me to have the confidence necessary to both sell and purchase increasingly expensive audio components.  Had I not been able to sell my Magnepan 3.6s on Audiogon I would not have been able to purchase a new set of 3.7s from my local dealer. The trust and confidence I had in Audiogon has evaporated and I believe that without those essential qualities the site cannot sustain itself.   

Analogfever -- Thu, 02/09/2012 - 15:25

 I was reading a similar topic on when I noticed a comment saying a group of audiophile guys are working now on launching
A new site and it will be called Audio .It will be interesting to see how many people will switch from Agon to this new website.

highend -- Fri, 02/17/2012 - 11:27

As some economists predict 2012 is going to be the worst year yet ( lets hope their wrong) and we may reach a point where Audiogon will be the least of our worries. However due to current economic conditions it is obvious in my opinion that the new changes that Audiogon has implimented are designed to minimalize their loses in regards to sellers fees and members who recycle one ad over and over again. As a long term member I have noticed that even before Audiogon made their new changes that sales have dropped substantially so this new venture could be very risky on their part. The new Audiogon appears not to benefit their members as they stated but rather an attempt to stay solvent in my opinion and yes the economy has effected their bottom line as well. Also you noticed that newly listed items for sale are posted randomly in no specific order and are routinely mixed up. This is the part I find annoying not too mention you can't check other sellers items listed for sale. Can't even click on the sellers zip code to see what state they live in. I love Audiogon and have been a loyal member for years but I hope this is work in progress! Launching a new website by private individuals will not be an easy task as it will take alot of advertising and time to build a customer base to make it a viable website for buying and selling.

guitarcharlie -- Sat, 02/18/2012 - 05:32

As an occasional buyer and seller of audio equipment, I have tried but never really got into audiogon (old version or new version).  Despite all its flaws I still prefer ebay and have rode with all the changes and been an active ebayer since 1999.  I know some people are terrified of using ebay as buyers or sellers, and anyone who has used it for as long as I have has some bad stories to tell. However, I still think it is the best way for individuals to find the largest market for whatever they are selling or buying.  Perhaps some sellers are upset because they can't get top dollar for something on ebay, but maybe that's what I like about it.  I think it very accurately reflects the marketplace and unfortunately for sellers right now it is generally a buyers market. But it has been the opposite in the past and I assume will be again some day.  For me audiogon just feels like a fancy craigslist.  Fun to look sometimes, but usually too much hassle to deal with.  And I might complain about paypal as much as the next guy, but I get tired of every seller adding paypal fees to their listings.  Somehow it seems petty.  Just factor the fees into your price and don't complain when something doesn't sell for top dollar plus fees plus shipping.

DaveC -- Sun, 02/19/2012 - 19:36

Audiogon was a community of audiophiles. It served as a broad overview of a high end audio for both buyers, sellers, and those just interested in audio. Ebay is a place to buy and sell goods, nothing more.

guitarcharlie -- Mon, 02/20/2012 - 13:46

Yes, I agree that the audiogon community aspect is useful, such as the discussion boards etc. Although there are several excellent audio discussion boards on the web, it would be a shame if that element of audiogon went away. However, it is the buying and selling side of things that I have always found cumbersome and clumsy on audiogon. Obviously, I am in the minority in that view for the folks reading this discussion, but there are many successful, honest buyers and sellers of audio gear on ebay. And throwing in the occasional amateur for a bit of garage sale excitement now and then makes for a more diverse and "fun" marketplace IMHO. I wish the unhappy campers luck in reforming audiogon to meet their needs, but I feel the basic buyer and seller model for the site should follow more of the ebay example. Nothing's perfect including ebay of course, but they are doing something right when it comes to being a "place to buy and sell goods".

RonR -- Sat, 02/18/2012 - 12:17

The New Audiogon couldn't be worse. I also believe if they do not go back to the old format Audiogon will be finished. During the change over to the New Audiogon I had two Want To Buy ads at mid- term which vanished. I requested a refund for the unused portion and for a credit I have with Audiogon, however, my request was ignored. I will not use Audiogon in the future unless they go back to the old format. In the meantime I am looking for another high end audio site for buying, selling and associating with other high end audio enthusiasts. It is obvious the New Audiogon is all about money and not about audio. I understand you have to make money in business, but I learned a long time ago high end audio is a tight knit community and the New Audiogon is making every attempt at alienating us from each other.

Analogfever -- Sat, 02/18/2012 - 14:24

 I agree with RonR.Audiogon is becoming obsolete. I tried to access the new audio own website mentioned on aagonsucksnow worldpress ( but it looks like its not up yet. I received a message stating test support..

wiremanagement -- Sun, 02/19/2012 - 12:24

It is one thing for AudiogoN to try to shove the "new look" down our throats but when they start handling our money in our accounts irresponsibly or try to take it from us dishonestly, THAT is against the law. I read quite a few stories @  telling of instances where AudiogoN is asking for more money when in actuality the member HAS money in his or her account. Another common complaint is a member wants to edit their ad, AudiogoN no longer allows this and only suggests to purchase and post a new corrected ad – which somehow sounds unlawful to me although I confess I am no lawyer. Somewhere in the blog it was stated that AudiogoN has moved from Ann Arbor, Michigan (1915 Austin Avenue Ann Arbor, MI 48104) and is now based out of South Carolina (Audiogon, Inc. PO Box 8376 Greenville, SC 29604). IF that is true, then the following information would be of great interest to all of you who have been cheated out of money or treated unfairly. This is the web address of the South Carolina Attorney General: Their web address for consumer affairs is: Consumer Affairs phone numbers are: (803) 734-4200 or (800) 922-1594. I encourage all those who are experiencing fraudulent money/business practices with the “new” Audiogon to please get the ball rolling and use the Attorney General’s office to be your voice. My recent search for AudiogoN with the Better Business Bureau shows that they have not yet registered in South Carolina. However, all interested parties could state AudiogoN’s own web site listed contact information (PO Box 8376 Greenville, SC 29604) and at least register a complaint: When corresponding with any of these offices, it would be very helpful to include this link so they can see and read substantiating information.

wiremanagement -- Sun, 02/19/2012 - 15:19

Further research into AudiogoN’s ownership has revealed some additional information that I would like to present as an amendment to my previous post. At the bottom of AudiogoN’s home page (Under “Contact Us”) they list their contact information as: Audiogon, Inc. PO Box 8376 Greenville, SC 29604. This info, along with other members reporting that AudiogoN is no longer owned by parties in Ann Arbor Michigan, prompted me to encourage members to contact the Better Business Bureau and the South Carolina Attorney General to report any fraudulent financial/business practices they have experienced with the “new” AudiogoN (see my previous post). However, when navigating AudiogoN’s home page and then clicking on “Terms Of Service” (bottom of home page) and then to “DETAILED TERMS OF THE AGREEMENT”, I find this at the bottom of that particular page:

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Michigan as applied to agreements entered into and to be performed entirely within Michigan by Michigan residents. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be struck and the remaining provisions shall be enforced. Our failure to act with respect to a breach by you or others does not waive our right to act with respect to subsequent or similar breaches. Audiogon may.”

This leads me to believe that AudiogoN is still registered as a business in Michigan (as of today’s search they are not yet registered in South Carolina) and that Michigan would be the most appropriate state for anyone to lodge any complaints of unfair financial/business practices experienced with the “new” AudiogoN. The link needed to file with the Attorney General in Michigan would be:,4534,7-164-17331-42077--,00.html

When corresponding with the Attorney General or Better Business Bureau, it would be very helpful to include this link: so they can see and read substantiating information.

quadlover -- Mon, 02/20/2012 - 12:59

"This new Audiogon doesn't work right so contact me directly"
This is a direct quote off of a veteran seller's listing currently on audiogon.  if this doesn't sum up the "fubar" that is the new audiogon I don't know what does! 

Nicholas.Bedworth -- Mon, 02/20/2012 - 13:14 The traffic is definitely falling off (be sure compare the same day of the week, as there's a lot of fluctuation; Sundays are almost always lower).
Just sold some equipment over the weekend. Couldn't have gone more easily for buyer or seller. Zero problems. In the messaging between buyer and seller (very nice feature) he volunteered to do a PayPal personal transfer (saves the PayPal fee). Total cost of a featured ad plus Audiogon commission was $130. Fine with me.

Nicholas Bedworth  
DigitalDirect Media Services, LLC    Text/voice 1.808.372.2883 (GMT -10)   nicholas [dot] bedworth [at] digitaldirect [dot] com (nicholas.bedworth@digitaldi)

robjective -- Tue, 02/21/2012 - 23:34

There are many ways to define the fail of the 'new' Audiogon.
For me; the worst thing about it is THAT I CAN NO LONGER REFER PEOPLE TO AUDIOGON.
Sincere aplogies for the caps.  Really.  But to not be able to tell people at work, business contacts, or friends about Audiogon because of the unreliable trainwreck that it has became; well.  "Oh hi, there is this cool site on the internet; what a great place to get awesome new and used stereo gear; I just found it a year or so ago, I have built the system of my dreams!!!"  How in the Holt can I send somebody there now?
To paraphrase some of the writers in the Audio field., if the current Audiogon was a piece of equipment; I would say that due to its fail in intuitive use, dismal interface, and lack of admin experience in the audio field....  "It precludes a recommendation".

Analogfever -- Sat, 03/17/2012 - 11:19

I just registered and used the new it is really super fast and easy. Among the other 4 alternatives websites to Audiogon, i really believe this is the best one so far..Goodluck and happy listening

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