ddicker -- Sun, 03/18/2012 - 14:05

As I read through each new publication of audiophile magazines, I am always impressed by "new this..and new that" This is the systematic evolution of this industry. As new technologies emerge, new products emerge, and this is a good thing. What I also want to point out is that long ago the wheel was discovered. As there are many variations of the wheel, it is still the wheel. Not to get analytical here but Tara Labs has used their patented RSC for the past twenty five years. Though they have improved upon certain qualities and characteristics of their cables, but their "Rectangular solid core" (RSC) conductors simply remain the very best in conductor engineering and design. Super annealed, oxegen free, and eight nines (99.999999%) pure mono crystal copper, is the absolute pinacle of cable design and offers extremely accurate, neutral and frequency linear performance. It is unchanged since the beginning, and there is no reason to change once you hit the top. Just maintain what you do. So as I love reading about new developments and designs coming out, and take my hat off to all the companies that work hard at improving the cable industry,       "a wheel is a wheel"

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