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default -- Tue, 07/21/2009 - 15:03

Just got a Yamaha 600 series receiver to complement my Klipsch tower spearkers.  Want to expand this to handle not just music but movie sound/partial surround sound as well. I've ordered a center channel (Yamaha) speaker and will get a subwoofer too.  Right now, the vocals with the TV on vary by TV channel,  some sound ok while others are awful and you can't hear voices. Will the center channel speak solve this? Also, how important is it that I get a Yamaha subwoofer? (I was told to not mix-match too much with speakers, and have tried not too, but the Klipsch center channel and subs are out of my price range).

Boomzilla -- Wed, 09/23/2009 - 01:00

 I also have a Yamaha 620 receiver.  I have previously used it with Klipsch Heresy main speakers, a JBL center speaker, and a M&K subwoofer.  The sound blended just fine.  The "don't mix and match" adage may have some merit, but the worst that can happen is you'll notice a small change of timbre as sounds sweep around the room from one speaker to another.  I never found it distracting.
I'm currently using the same Yamaha receiver with Thiel 1.5 main speakers, a Carver Cinema center speaker, and no subwoofer at all.  This also works just fine.  My conclusion is that you needn't worry too much about mixing.
As to whether the center channel will help with voices - the answer is YES.  I've heard it said that for music, the only speakers that matter are the main right and left fronts.  For TV or movies, the only speakers that matter are the center channel and subwoofer - everything else is just effects. I tend to agree with these statements.  I think that having a center channel (and having it's volume balanced with the mains) will cure almost all of your problems.  The reason that you have such variance now is that some channels are broadcasting in stereo, others in mono.  
Good luck!

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