Sooloos questions

Cemil Gandur -- Fri, 10/30/2009 - 10:18

There's a new 'version' out, the 2.0, which changed the architecture and supports hi-rez files (24/96).
The Control 10 unit has an Ethernet port through which it connects to the Twinstore. Is the use of the Twinstore mandatory or can one use any NAS instead? I am under the impression that one can add NAS to the Twinstore, but it's not clear whether the COntrol 10 can tie up directly to a NAS.
At this moment, the Control 10 has to be wired to the DAC. Is there any solution to make that wireless, ie a la Squeezzebox? That 17" monitor doesn't fit on a rack, and running a long wire from the listening position to the DAC may not be domestically acceptable.

Sam -- Fri, 10/30/2009 - 11:37

LOL.....So what is improved in Sooloos?  They still cant go above 96Khz, they still dont have AES/EBU digital out, the portable touchscreen to be used with a DAC either has to be in the rack or get ready to buy a superlong length jitter inducing spdif cable. They still cannot get their price down.  They did nothing but sit on their butt for 2 years. They can now match it to some nice Meridian speakers but thats about it.....while other companies are starting to catch up or even outshine them audio quality wise.  I don't think it will be too long when othercompanies can get some software engeneers to program something like sooloos or qsonix with better sound quality and equally good user interface/touchscreen.  Its just a matter of (short) time. For a temporary solution to music servers I'd look into other cheaper and much better sound quality servers like Music Vault, and there are a few others out there too.... even Qsonix is better than sooloos given the price, and you are not forced to keep the screen in the rack or forced to buy a long digital cable. If you want to spend $10K with all the limitations that sooloos has at the moment, go ahead by all means. I believe the competition is heating up with the DAC's and music servers so thats great for consumers.

Cemil Gandur -- Sat, 10/31/2009 - 06:38

 I didn't say it was perfect, nor am I in the market for one, at least until they figure out some of the connectivity issues mentionned above. However, they have improved since a few years and quite substantially. You can read about the latest improvements on their web site. What they do have is a superb user interface that is (still) unmatched anywhere. They are also bringing the pricing down, but i agree, not enough. 
Going the Amarra way, say, practically ends up costing the same, as the recommended Mac is $4k +, add on it a $2k software and you're in Sooloos territory with the advantage of 192, but without a superb interface. If you're outside the US, Macs are about 75% more expensive (I have no idea why, but it's a real rip-off), so would end up more expensive than a Sooloos solution.
Meridian also have the advantage of having international distribution, whereas companies such as Music Vault do not. 
Of course, using a PC, some drives and a Logitech Transporter, I can probably get my music into my hifi, after a reasonable amount of work. However, the main attraction for me is the ability to access my music in ways which are not presently practical ie by moving through recordings with a common thread, eg same songwriter, same producer, same guitar player etc..  It is that aspect (plus the hi-rez) that will make me go the server route. Otherwise, I have no problem  getting up and flipping over a 45rpm LP every 10 minutes, let alone a CD.

Sam -- Sat, 10/31/2009 - 16:05

I had heard rumors that early 2010....they are working on bringing out an audiophile type version of sooloos.  I truely hope its not the 96kHz model with spdif output that they are offering right now. Every music server specially at that price point should play state of the art sound and play all resolutions.  I believe that this perticular type of "user interface for audio music" is fairly new to the industry, and I suspect that if this catches up with the public, which I think it is, considering what I saw at the last two years of audio shows dominated by music servers and DAC's, a lot of great user interface at more affordable prices will start becoming available.  This will probably become one of the most competitive areas in audio.  Its unfortunate that those outside of the USA have to pay such hefty extra prices for products like these and the Mac.

Menno (not verified) -- Sun, 11/01/2009 - 11:45

 I know it is not the right site to complain about Mac prices, but I live in Europe and when I compare the prices of a 27" quadcore 2.66GHz iMac, then the difference is not so big (when you include sales tax of i.e. MA). The price difference is 150$ or about 7%. This is Switzerland, I don't know how it is in the rest of Europe. 
I have the impression that Meridian equipment is even cheaper over here than in the US.

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