Shunyata Cobra speaker cable/interconnects

brion -- Sat, 10/20/2012 - 10:00

Has anyone heard (and I DO mean "HEARD", for those who are HARD of eyesight(and hearing)) the Cobra speaker cable or interconnects? I know what the Pythons sound like, having heard them for a short time, but other than Marc Mickelson's review on The Audio Beat, nothing else at all.  
And please, none of the "but the emperor has no clothes" commenters. I ONLY want to hear from those who have actually heard the cables.Please, skip the "you're all suckers" comments. Start your own thread. Empirical observations ONLY, please. And if there are none, then may this thread die a polite (and peaceful) death.
Thank you for your cooperation, kind ladies and sirs.

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