SACD vs 24/96 and/or 24/192?

Cabiner -- Thu, 07/28/2011 - 06:00

Maybe I didn't do a proper 'Search', so I'll ask anyway: has anyone heard and compared SACD to either 24/96 and/or 24/192?

For example, with HDTracks now offerring the Stones in high resolution one can easily compare with Stones' SACDs released in 2002. I'm sure there are other examples.

I can't do it since I'm still on dial-up Internet!

Thanks, Bob

Paul -- Thu, 08/04/2011 - 20:24

I have about 30 SACD discs, and maybe more than that now of hi-rez from HDTracks. The HDtracks I have are all 24/96.
The quality is pretty much the same in my setup between SACD and the HDTracks hi-rez, although I cannot do a direct A-B comparison as I do not have the same music albums in SACD as I have in hi-rez FLAC. No point buying the same hi-rez music twice.
I have an OPPO bdp-83 using the analog outs for SACD, and a Logitech Squeezebox Touch via digital out to a Cambridge Audio 840c digital inputs. The Touch has a 500-GB hard drive connected to it locally, not via the network. The music is in FLAC and WAV on the hard drive, all CD or higher quality, along with the 30 or so hi-rez albums from HDTracks. Both the CA 840C and the Oppo blu-ray connect to a CA 840E preamp, NAD 275BEE amp, and Proac Response D Two speakers. All Nordost cables such as Brahma, Heimdall, etc. and some Shunyata Guardian conditioners, etc. About $30K in gear all told, so a decent setup. Also using a new Thorens TD160HD turntable.
The turntable has the advantage in overall sound quality. I would rank the Touch with the hi-rez HdTracks next, and the Oppo just behind it. I do prefer most of the music on the HDTracks hi-rez FLAC format a bit over the SACD, but I think in my case this is also due to the DAC on the CA840C. The Oppo connects via analog out to preamp, and the DAC in the Oppo does not compare to that in the CA 840C.
So maybe the formats are pretty close in audible sound quality? Works for me, and I am lately playing the HDTracks stuff much more than the SACD.


crimsonbolt -- Fri, 05/25/2012 - 12:17

HD tracks needs to get into MC business also. The big difference is that, plus personally I think sacd is not all it's supposed to be, with dvd a and BD sounding better.

I like gorls

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