Review: Wadia iTransport offers Digital Data from iPod/Phone

discman -- Tue, 09/09/2008 - 17:58

Chris supplies a list of supported players, which include the iPod Touch but not the iPhone. Is it correct that the iPhone is not supported?

soundhd -- Fri, 12/26/2008 - 19:22

I am very interested in the Wadia.........just heard about it recently........I am an Audiophile......belong to an audio club in Michigan SMAC (SE Michigan Audio Club).  I listen to vinyl and CD's (CD and SACD) at home but I use a IPOD Classic (80GB) for on the run (I have IPOD interfaces in all my and my wife's cars & trucks....).   I started out with trying out the different sizes of MP3's and finally went to wave files  (I just did not like the way the MP3's sounded)   I have on my IPOD what is mainly my greatest hits of everything that I like in music...right now I have about 1600 songs on it..genre's back from the 50's through today (I am 60 years old).....(and yes I am running out of space and will need to get a 120GB model soon.........) anyway my background is in Pro-Audio  (mostly concert audio) but a little studio work also anyway I am very aware of what goes into the recording of music from the initial music/vocal tracks through the mastering process.......and believe that the playback equipment the music source is played through should be able to reproduce what is heard at final mixdown in the studio......anyway..........I have read that the Wadia somehow uses or gains access to the "raw" digital signal out of the IPOD which by-passes the intenal DAC  (which I assume nad have also heard is a very cheap DAC) anyway I did a little searching on the internet for the IPOD 30pin ID breakdown and found the info I was looking for.......there are two pins 3 & 4 have the audio out left & right, pin #2 is the ground.......(there are some other pins for firewire & usb data)...I assume the Wadia uses these audio pins for access to the audio...........I know that the Wadia has a digital out port (for connecting to an external DAC) question (finally) is this audio siginal (pins 3 & 4) the"raw" digital signal that the Wadia is accessing and sending (somehow) to the digital out this the same audio signal that the various home docks that are on the markey now days use to convert to an analog signal and route to a set of RCA connectors to connect to a receiver/premap, etc....?  If so do these home docks have a (I assume a cheap) DAC inside the dock?  On the same hand I assume that since the Wadia also has analog (RCA) output connectors it also has some sort of a DAC inside.......what quality is that DAC as compared to other external DAC's.....?

Steven Stone -- Sun, 12/28/2008 - 11:37

All analog docks use the analog outputs from the ipod and use the ipod's internal DAC.
So far only the Wadia has access to the raw digital feed. It also involves a software "switch" that accesses the ipod operating system and turns off (or on) provisions for receiving a direct digital feed.
The Wadia has no DAC inside. It merely sends a digital signal to your DAC.

Steven Stone
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