Return on Investment

Michael James -- Sat, 12/08/2012 - 16:03

I'm  a firm believer on the value of high quality interconnects and speaker cables, because I've heard the difference in A&B comparrisons.
But I think that we all know that there is a point with a lot of audio components and cables, where gains are measured in inches, so to speak.
I can see spending $2400.00 on a pair of interconnects and $8k for speaker cables, even though, I am sure that what I'm paying for is the R&D that went into them becaise it's certainly not the materials and labor.
But to charge $8,500 and  up, doesn't make sense to me.. Even if you have "infinite wealth", are you really gaining anything or are you being taken advantage of?
I can't see the justification for this kind of pricing.

Do you want to better or do you want to be good?

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