Rega Brio-R & USB DAC Review

audiobill -- Sat, 06/09/2012 - 23:22

 In reading Neil Grader's review of the subject equipment in Issue 223 of TAS, I noted a reference to the opening chorus of the "Longer Boats" track on Cat Stevens' Tea for the Tillerman. He said he was hearing something he hadn't heard since he played the original LP a long time ago. Since I own a near mint copy of the original Island Records British pressing ILPS 9135, I decided to give it a listen. Neil writes, "Deep in the mix there's a lightly tapped cymbal that accents the end of each line as in, 'Longer boats are comin' to win us' splash, 'comin' to get us' splash. Try as I might I could not hear this with my Goldring/Sumiko/Sota Sapphire into Musical Fidelity setup. I even tried using my Stax headphones. All I could hear at the end of those phrases in the opening chorus were hand claps.
So i took my LP over to my local high end purveyor. We played it on his Linn/Audio Reasearch/Wilson Audio setup. Neither of us could hear the cymbal tap. Thinking that it might be my LP, we tried lidtening to a 24/192 file thru his Linn DS system. Again, neither of us could hear the cymbal tap. 
Since this LP has long been one of HP's Supers Discs, I'm curious to know if he has ever heard these cymbal taps.

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