RCA Victor LM 2085 Stravinsky The Rite of Spring Ballet Original Master 4G2RP12

Long-Play-Fan. -- Tue, 03/06/2012 - 16:52

ATTENTION:  Jonathan Valin: 
I recently acquired a copy of this historical monophonic LP recording of Igor Stravinsky: "The Rite of Spring" Ballet, with Pierre Monteux conducting the Paris Conservatoire Orchestra. 
I purchased it for only $1.00  from a local thrift store in San Diego, CA. It is in very good shape, with a quiet groove.  
I have three other copies of this LP.  This fourth copy is unique due to the following:
At the start of SIDE ONE there is a 15 second narration spoken by a gentlemen with a strong British accent.  
This is what the voice track states:

QUOTE: " 4G2RP12.   The Rite of Spring.    By Igor Stravinsky.   The Complete Ballet in the Original Edition.   Pierre Monteux Conducting the Paris Conservatoire Orchestra.   Recorded in the Salle Wagram Paris.   Original Master. "
4    =   ____
G   =  1956
2    =  RCA Victor 
R   =  Red Seal
P   =  Mono
12 =  ____
          Original Master.


Located in the Dead Wax area are the "hand written" matrix codes.  Items: A1 R are actually stamped not hand written. 
Side One: G 2RP - 9807             A        A1  R  
Side Two: G 2RP - 9808   22S   A         A1 R

I would appreciate if Jonathan Valin can explain to me what the number 4 and number 12 represent: which are only referenced in the spoken narration.  They are not referenced on the LP or album jacket.  What does 22S signify? What does "Original Master" signify in regards to this particular LP copy?  Where was this LP pressed?  Who did this "Original Master" LP possibly belong to back in 1956?  What historical significance does this LP have?  Are there other "Original Master" LPs like this example in public circulation?  
How did this LP get into general circulation, giving me the opportunity to purchase it?

Long-Play-Fan. -- Sun, 03/11/2012 - 02:29

RCA Victor LM 2085 Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring: Ballet "Original Master" 4G2RP12


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