Question about JVC's DLA HX2U -- Thu, 04/30/2009 - 11:17

I know it's an older projector, but if anyone out there is familiar with it, I have a question.
I recently found out how to access the hidden/service menu, but can't figure out how to make adjustments with it. The sliders for color/contrast adjustments don't respond to controls. Is there something else I need to do in order to make adjustments?
Brian L. 

techman707 (not verified) -- Thu, 08/27/2009 - 16:37

 You really didn't access the "service menu".  The ONLY way to make adjustments on JVC D'ILA projectors is by special software that connects through the serial port on the projector,  However, there are some adjustments that can destroy the LCoS chips if misadjusted.  The JVC software must also be used to adjust the shading controls when a bulb is changed.  In the Service Manual they warn you to "save" the eeprom settings to your hard drive or disc BEFORE making any adjustments so the original settings can be restored if something goes wrong.  A couple of the settings are unique to each projector and if lost cannot be restored without undertaking a COMPLETE re-alignment, which is beyond the scope of virtually anyone but the factory.  I did it once and it's a pandora's box you don't want to open.  Other than permanent RGB color temp adjustments, there's really nothing you should need to adjust, UNLESS one of the boards has been replaced and then they tell you what adjustments must be made for each board. 
If you STILL believe you need to make adjustments, I think I have the SM and PSA software somewhere if I can find it..

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