PS Audio GCHA Headphone Amp (Desktop)

Gadgetman -- Sun, 06/21/2009 - 17:21

We have the PS Audio GCHA in the lab, and I borrowed it to try with the Sennheiser HD800s and some other 'phones.
First thoughts:
This is a lovely sounding amp with the HD800s. Bass is solid and high frequencies are very smooth. I would characterize the GCHA as slightly warm, but this may be more of a comment on the Sennheisers.
The other thing to like about the GCHA is the excellent manual. This is especially helpful since the GCHA has a USB input (not used for this test) and computer hookups are inevitably more challenging than analog audio connections.
More as time goes on.

Amandela77 -- Thu, 12/30/2010 - 11:04

My GCHA currently drives a pair of Senn. 580s and sounds great: warm, full-bodied, with slightly soft but sweet highs. I just ordered a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 990/600 Ohm cans. They arrive later this week. I'll report on their sound with the GCHA after they have broken in.
Good listening....


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