Practical design

dhs0403 -- Mon, 01/11/2010 - 14:47

Mr. Valin,
I applaud your candid comments (#195) concerning Magico's use of Odyssey Khatargo amps at their development center.   You commented on the Khatargo amps again this month in your discussion of high-end equipment at the Rocky Mountain Show.
Your comments remind me of another story, reported by Stereophile, of Dave Wilson's prank at CES 2002.  Dave had Sophia's sitting right next to a pair of fully wired, Spectral mono blocks.  Everyone was impressed by the powerful, rich sound -- especially when Dave whipped back the curtain and revealed the real source of the power.  The wires leading to the Spectrals were fake; the Sophias were wired and driven by a low cost Parasound stereo amp.   Dave's point was the same as Magico's -- one needn't spend a fortune in order to enjoy quality music.
Keep up the good work, and let's continue to remember those with modest budgets.

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