Power Cables for Simaudio Evolution Gear

Cam -- Sat, 07/30/2011 - 22:36

Has anyone experimented with different power cords and conditioners for Simaudio Evolution gear?  I'm wondering what would work well with my Simaudio P-7 pre-amp and W-8 power amp.  The rest of my system consists of a Marantz SA-11S1 SACD player (which may be supplimented by a music server system in the near future), Revel Studio 2 speakers, Cardas Clear XLR interconnects and Cardas Golden Reference speaker cable.  Power cables I've tried so far include Cardas Clear M Power cables (seem to work well), XLO Reference 3 (work well so long as they are plugged directly into the wall socket - they lack high frequency presence if plugged into my Surgex power conditioner), Acoustic Zen Krakatoa (pleasing emphasis on timbre but not entirely realistic and somewhat lacking in bass extension), Kimber Kable PK10 (made everything sound anemic and horrible) and Nordost Brahma (fantastically open and great soundstage at the expense of body and presence of instruments and vocals).
I'm wondering if Shunyata Python CX or JPS Kaptivator would work well and, of course, am open to other suggestions.

TOGA -- Thu, 09/01/2011 - 14:40

Dear Cam
          I use several AC cords with Moon P8RS, such as Anaconda CX, Transparent Powerlink MM2, Python CX.
Also used Python CX / Transparent Powerlink MM2 with Moon W7MRS.
         Anaconda CX provided tube like sound, sweet mid, big but not very tight bass, high rolled off, overall presentation is smooth and warm.
         Python CX didn't roll off high freq like Anaconda did. But deep bass and mid bass were clearly inferior, tonally, quite neutral and smooth.
        Transparent PLMM2 was very neetral tonally, punchy and strong, tight bass, mid and high were nuetral, but overall not as smooth as Shunyata cable.  If I use all TR PLMM2 in the ssytem, I can't listen for long, because sound was too sharp. With all Anaconda CX, I get
fat and slow plus much rolled off high. So in the end, I mixed them. Currently use PLMM2 with power amp , to provide big dynamic and strong bass, and Shunyata on front end to provide warm and smoother sound. Hope this help. I sold Python CX as they have poor bass despite very
nuetral elsewhere.

Cam -- Thu, 09/01/2011 - 21:40

Thanks TOGA,
I'm currently getting some good results with Cardas Clear M Power cables for my CD player and P7 pre-amp and a Nordost distributed QRT QB4 power distributor with 2 Qv2s  I've not yet had the opportunity to try Shunyata power cables as there don't seem to be any local dealers who carry them. I know Cardas doesn't have the best name in power cables but I thought I'd go for system synergy as I'm using Cardas Clear in other areas of my system.

The Nordost QRT stuff is definitely worth a shot - it works better for me than any other power conditioner I tried (doesn't limit dynamics and also doesn't change the frequency balance). The Qv2s are relatively inexpensive and a good start, as is the QB4 power distributor.


TOGA -- Fri, 09/02/2011 - 01:01

I also use Oyaide Tunami GPX, which I feel very good sound for little money. Similar sound to Python CX, but provide a little better low bass.
But compared to Anaconda CX and Transparent PLMM2, Tunami still weak in bass by comparison.

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