Pow for B&W683.

giamquan3 -- Thu, 05/21/2009 - 23:35

I have a Marantz SR-7500 receiver, Cayin 17-A CDP, PS3, B&W683 upfront, Mission 32i on the real and B&W LCR-30 center, a Rotel RB-1070 Pow for front speakers. When I run by Nordost 2 flat speaker cable (Rotel to B&W683) it's ok (the volume set 30/60). Now I upgrade Nordost 4 flat speaker cable (single on the Pow and biwire on the speaker). It's GREAT but it like out of gas (the volume set 15/60)!
Do I need another Rotel RB-1070 for mono amplifier or I have to upgrade new pow amplifier to improve audio quality?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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