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villager -- Fri, 02/06/2009 - 08:09

I have a Sunfire Theatre Grand II, an InFocus Screenplay 7200 with a native resolution of 720P and a 93" Stewart Greyhawk screen, viewed at a distance of between 10' and 11' . The Sunfire does not have HDMI inputs or outputs, though the projector does have an input. As a result, I have the video signals from my current sources routed through the Sunfire using component and composite cables, except for the Verizon FiOS set top box which is routed directly to the projector. As you can imagine SD TV signals are usually awful, though DVD at 480P is not bad. HD video signals from the set top box range from good to excellent.
I'd like to begin upgrading my system to improve video quality. To provide flexibility with respect to sources, I could start with an HDMI switcher such as the OPPO HM-31 or the Parasound Zhd. Alternatively, I could begin with the purchase of an outboard processor, such as the DVDO EDGE High-Definition Video Processor which would also provide HDMI switching capability. Given the price differentials, it seems worthwhile to explore processors, but I haven't read much about them since TPV went out of print.
I would appreciate comments and advice about my current configuration and the upgrade path that I'm exploring, particularly with respect to quality outboard processors.

Steven Stone -- Fri, 02/06/2009 - 13:47

 I have an EDGE and plan to do a blog about it in the near future.
It's a great device for video signal processing and has the added advantage of being able to send the audio from HDMI sources to your processor via either HDMI or coax or Toslink S/PDIF.
It has enough inputs to handle all your sources and transform an analog output\ to HDMI so you'll only need one HDMI cable running to your projector.

Steven Stone
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Renaat Mattheus (not verified) -- Thu, 03/25/2010 - 11:57

Is it good to put the Edge between my Pioneer kuro LX5090 and my external digital receiver to 'pump up' the signal (sharpness) ?

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