tom b -- Thu, 10/17/2013 - 07:18

After trying several speakers in the below $1000.00 range to replace our builder grade home speakers, I could not find anything in my price range that was great.  After going online to search, I took a leap on the Noble Fidelity speakers.  The truth is I have been out of the speaker and high fidelity buying for many years.  So it was no surprise that I never heard of Noble Fidelity except online.  To make matters worse, local "audiophiles" and guys at best buy said, "buyer beware" of what you read online.  Regardless of all the skeptics, I called Noble Fidelity.  Immediately, I was on the phone with Greg Ford.  No hassle, no pushing just a great guy telling me his story about Noble Fidelity speakers.  So I bought a pair of L-82 speakers with a 90-day money back guarantee.  When the speakers arrived, I was amazed from the start.  The L-82 was solid, heavy and any novice could see good quality.  When I hooked them up to my NAD components and turned up the volume, great sound filled our main room in the house; it was awesome, big, clean and crisp.  BTW-in addition to Noble Fidelity and the no name builder grade speakers, we have Niles, KEF, Bose, and Boston Acoustics.  My Noble Fidelity experience was worth writing about.  

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