New Classical music on Vinyl

mantisory -- Wed, 07/23/2008 - 11:59

Hi All,
Is it just my impression, or is the only new music being pressed on vinyl these days of the pop/rock variety?
I seem to see just about every pop/rock album released also available on vinyl, but what about recordings ot jazz, or classical? I for one would love to hear something, anything, recorded in the last 20 years put on to vinyl...I am getting kind of tired just getting old re-issues (which tend to be very expensive due to (I suppose) the cost of the master tapes which are 50 years old...Tacet is one label that is doing extremely beautiful pressings, but other than that, i am unaware of anything...
I wonder if the community could buy Duetsche Grammophone, or Reference Recordings, or Blue Note, etc, to start pressing their new(er) recordings to vinyl.
Any thoughts?

BG -- Fri, 08/01/2008 - 10:37

Your impression is mostly correct. New albums on vinyl are nearly completely exclusive to rock/pop.

The remaining major-label classical folks are doing mostly big-name artist CDs and CD reissues. The indies, which is where most new fare is coming from, are doing CD, and in a few cases, SACD. LPs are nearly non-existent. Ditto for jazz. Part of the problem is that jazz and classical, combined, don't even account for 5% of all music sales anymore. The economics to do the LPs don't make sense for the labels.

Bob Gendron
Music Editor, TAS and Playback

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