New building Audio system project, need to help.

thangvc -- Fri, 03/02/2012 - 22:50

 Hi guys,
I'm building a new audio system.
My old audio system are:
Esoteric X50W CDP, Aesthetix Calypso Pre amp! Krell KSA 200S Pow amp! B&W 803D Speakers
I now want to change new audi system, new sound and new everything.
So i now have Kharmar 3.2.2 BE speakers & MBL 1531 Top Loading CDp already.
And I now still considering about SS amp: Jeff Roland or ASR Emitter II wit exclusive blue version,...some system else?
My taste music: Jazz, country,... Actually I was to hear the Gryphon Diablo and Mikado CDP but i don't like this combo! GP's very good but may you have GP's sound and will loss Kharma speaker sound.
Pls SS Amp not Tube Amp
Pls help me to correct what kind of amp for my kharma speaker.
Thanks for your help and reply to me as soon as if you can

NEWBEE60 -- Sun, 03/25/2012 - 16:28

Hi thangvc,
I don't know about your equiptment but, I'm using a Emotiva Amp. check them out.

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