microsoft media issues

quadlover -- Sat, 01/02/2010 - 15:40

I have a western digital 1tb external hard drive that i got for Christmas.  I am loading my cd collection on a dell with windows xp pro and am using windows media player 9 in lossless mode.  My problem is well over 1/2 of my classical cd's (mostly Telark, DG, and Proprius)  and holiday cd's will list either the cd name and artist, or picture of album cover or list the songs but roughly only 30-40% list all three.  My question is does anyone know how to import song listings and /or album covers in a way a computer hack can do it?
FWIW I have another 1tb hard drive with my 1500+ discs in apple lossless on itunes.  there does not seem to be as many incomplete album listings on itunes (roughly 10-15%).  the hard drives are on 2 seperate systems.
Any help would be appreciated & Happy New Year to All!

CharlyD -- Sun, 01/03/2010 - 22:16

You can update to WMP 11.   That won't necessarily resolve your problems, but you're more likely to be at the same starting point as those trying to help.  Individual tags may be easily edited in WMP but a more powerful tool is Mp3Tag.  It's available for a free download at  Amazon is my favorite source for cover art.

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