Matching Amp to B & W 703 Speakers

Bennington -- Thu, 04/07/2011 - 21:18

I am a new owner of slightly used B&W 703's with the HTM-7 center channel. In reading numerous articles, it would seem selection of the amp is crutial to the speaker performance. I currently have a Yamaha RX-V863 AV receiver that received great reviews a couple of years back, but unsure if the receiver is the best match. In past reviewed articles, it would seem that the Rotel 1067 is by far the prefered choice. That is of course, if your looking for slightly older technology without all the bells and whistles of todays models. Can someone provide me some feedback on the Yamaha vs. Rotel. A better question might be why or what makes the Rotel better if in fact it is?
Yamaha 105w x7 Channel
Rotel 100w x 7 Channel
Thanks for the help.

scottmoreland -- Wed, 05/25/2011 - 15:47

I just bought a pair of the 703's myself recently (Running CM Centre 2 as my center) and have them matched to a Denon 4308ci I am using as a preamp and the Emotiva XPA-5 amp and it sounds great! Personally I would look at keeping the Yamaha and just use it as a preamp and buy the Emotiva amp (it's about $8-900) and it has a 30 day trial period.  That way you can check it out and probably save some serious $ over buying a $4000 Rotel amp.  I would definitely look at that option.  Worse come to worse, if you don't think it does it for you, you just return the Amp to Emotiva and are just out the shippingcosts but they make great amps with more good-sounding, solid power than you can get anywhere else for the $.

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