LFE to Sub, Front or both on YAmaha RX-863

krannisto -- Wed, 08/04/2010 - 23:30

Set up is a Yamaha 863 with B&W speakers, front 683, center HTM61, surround 686 and 610XP sub
My speakers are all set to small, as i have read this is the best. i have set cross over frequenzy at 60hz. Adding the surround speakers last week to complete the set up,  i ran an auto set up and the auto set up puts all speakers to large with LFE sent to sub only?
Wonder if this is correct? I have now manually put all speakers to small, but i wonder what should be the LFE setting, to subwoofer only, or to both?
Thanks in advance

TD160 -- Thu, 08/05/2010 - 21:04

I too have the Yamaha RX-V863, but i use the Monitor Audio Bronze Reference 2 x BR-5 front, 1x BR-lcr, 4 x BR-fx, and all speakers are 6 ohms, my sub is the Monitor Audio Sliver Reference SR-w12.
The YPAO will let you set up the speaker EQ as, Natural, Flat, or Front.
I use the Advanced Setup (p95) to set speaker impedance from 8 ohms to 6 ohms.
Then i connect mic to go into YPAO auto setup ( i turn off the sub before i run YPAO setup, so if i want to listen to music dvds without the sub, the front speaker are then setup by YPAO for full range) on the auto setup screen i set, Extra speaker/zone2 pressence speaker - None, Setup - Auto, Eq- Front, and then press start,  unplug mic when done.
I then reopen Set Menu (p72) and click  Manual setup, Basic menu, Speaker set, Extra sp/zone2- none enter,LFE/Bass - Both enter, Front Sp - Large enter, Center Sp - Large enter, Surround L/R - Large enter, Surround Back - Large X 2 enter, Cross Over - 80hz  enter, Subwoofer Phase - Normal enter.
Then i go back to Basic menu, SP distance (p76) and use a tape measure for distance for each speaker.
I then turn on my Sub on with the level of sub set to 50% and low pass switch OUT. Then i go back to Basic menu, Test tone (p76) - On enter. (test tone on)
Back to Basic menu, SP level (p75), i the adjust all speakers with hand held sound lever meter an by ear.
Hope this helps.

Do not forget to set speaker settings as on the AVR on the Bluray player if it has this, as HD audio runs direct from Bluray.

TD160 -- Thu, 08/05/2010 - 21:25


xant14@ntlworld.com -- Wed, 09/01/2010 - 16:03

 This is a slow forum, pointless waiting for any serious answers. Not one answered my thread. :(

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