LessLoss Blackbody and Firewall

Priaptor -- Thu, 03/24/2011 - 10:42

Anyone hear these?
Would love to hear what people have to say.  Apparantly they were a "hit" at the RMAF.  

Alanwc -- Sat, 03/26/2011 - 13:51

I did listen to the Lessloss room and was very familiar with the wonderful sound.  I have been purchasing Lessloss products since Nov. 2008 and am always impressed with the results.  I have DFPC Signature power cords, the original Firewall power conditioner, numerous Blackbody field conditioners, the Lessloss DAC 2004 mkll and as of last week the new Tunnelbridge Distortionless Interconnect system.  The value for performance is unprecidented in the audiophile field of products as far as I'm concerned.  I have been amazed as to the effect of all the Lessloss products to move the sound to a more natural organic tone.  The new Firewall differs from mine in that it is designed to be used with a power distribution unit.  Mine has 8 output plugs but was deemed to bulky by most interested parties thus the redesign.  The Blackbody units definitly tone down the harsh electronic shimmer heard in most solid state systems.  The filtering effect of the Firewall just adds to the effect of the power cords.  The results are undeniable, cleaner more relaxed sound, wider dynamics, more defined base and treble, better sound stage, more silent back ground, more space around the performers and instruments, better separation of instruments.  You will not get all these results from the Firewall or a few Blackbodies alone.  I have experienced an evolution in sound as I have added to my system (Wilson WATT/Puppy model 5 speakers, Jeff Rowland Model 6 mono-amps, CEC 51x CD transport slaved to the DAC, and multiple sets of Nordost Titanium Sort Kones).  I have 11 Blackbodies in use on the components and speakers and all DFPC power cords.  The crown to the story is the new Tunnelbridge interconnect with which I replaced my Nordost Odin interconnects.  Anyone who has heard Nordost Odin cables will appreciate how special the Tunnelbridge system must be to replace the Odins.  I hope you find this helpful.

Priaptor -- Sat, 03/26/2011 - 15:18

That is a pretty signficant endorsement to replace your Odins. Does their TunnelBridge include a power cord for the AC adapter and what is the purpose of the USB cable?

I used to have WATT/Puppies with Spectral products, made the mistake of "upgrading" to the Wilson X1s which I really did not like as well as Levinson stuff.

I am now using the new and wonderful Nola Micro Grands and saw this stuff and was wondering about it as I have not heard that much about it. I appreciate the insight.

Alanwc -- Sat, 03/26/2011 - 15:49

I posted a complete review on Audiogon under "Review -cables".  The Tunnelbridge cables have a power supply and are connected from the power supply to the interconnect cables by the USB/USB mini cables.  The power cord does make a difference.  I am using the Lessloss DFPC Signature power cord from my Firewall to the power supply.  A stock power cord significantly degrades the sound.  I also added a Blackbody to the power supply with great  results.  As a side comment, the Nordost Titanium Sort Kones added a significant improvement as well.  I even supported the WATT/Puppies with them.  The sound like completely different speakers!

Priaptor -- Sat, 03/26/2011 - 18:46

One last question. Does one power supply support more than one interconnect or do you need to buy a power supply for each interconnect you use.

Appreciate your comments.

Alanwc -- Sun, 03/27/2011 - 07:51

One power supply will support 4 pair of interconnects which will save a lot of money in the long run.

-Stan- -- Fri, 08/26/2011 - 09:18

It seems to me that everyone interested should take a look at the Lessloss webside. You will notice that nearly anything will be explained, the ideas, science, physics, solutions for the occuring problems in realizing the products. Prepare for a fascinating lecture.  The Lessloss Firewall and also the wonderful new Tunnelbridge interconnect system are totally out of reach for me, and i'm surely not the only interested person out there. But if you take a look at all the thinking, work and craftsmanship gone into these products, they are still some sort of a bargain (on a very high level). As Alanwc posted, he replaced his Nordost Odins with the Tunnelbridge. Compare the prices for a full system run with Nordosts Odin and the Tunnelbridge, the difference with the pros on the Lessloss system are not peanuts! And the Tunnelbridge outperformed the Odin cables. Lots of online mags (also incluidng those with the highest reputaion) reviewed the Lessloss products with links that you also find at the Lessloss webside. And hundreds of user comments as well.  As far as i remember, there were no negative reviews, and if there really are some,  they wouldn't have been sorted out, i'm sure. And now i'm asking myself why the fantastic products are totally ignored by the print magazines. The space in print magazines is limited, but if a company comes up with new solutions, outperforming products  that cost  a double, triple or quadruple  ....( go on here....) it should be reviewed. Even HP should give it a try and replace his mediocre Audience powercords and powerdistributor with the Lessloss system. Maybe he tried and i didn't notice, as my three year subscription of TAS ended maybe a year ago. And this also leads me to the next question. If the space in print magazines is so limited, why are there so many reviews with all the usual suspects? Is there one issue of TAS without a review of an Esoteric player or DCS ? The Esoteric gear looks all the same, wether you go for a 5.000 $ or a 10.000 $ item. Sort of boring isn't it ? Reminds me also of modern cars that all look the same, i.e. Audi. Are there so many people out there interested to read on every new product (Esoteric) by the company and thus ignoring other interesting products that you probably only become aware by reading online mags? There are some other companies to list that products are constantly reviewed. I spare you the names, most of the readers will know them anyway. I can only assume that there are commercial interests behind all this, even if the chief editor and staff will deny this. To the readers: Has anybody seen a printed review of the Memory Player by the Nova Physics Group? Way back then, this 15.000 $ machine (by the time sadly, lesser options and more expensive) seemed to outperform every digital system in the hifi world, and again absolutely ignored by the print mags. Also something totally unaffordable for me, but if i had the money i would order it right away. Only one box, no fiddling with streaming, usb Dacs, Wifi, codecs, compatiblities and all that crap.  With it, you could even burn a CD for use in the car (or wherever) that sounds a lot better than the original CD. I remember a comment by the founder of Behold that he never heard a better digital performance/sound.
Back to Lessloss. If you are on the market for new powercords, tweaks, interconnects, a Dac or speaker cables and the asked prices suit you, give it a try. You can't go wrong as you can try the products and return them if you are not satisfied. Also discounts are available. And not to forget the ultimate friendly and fast service. I need a new pair of speaker cables, hopefully i can afford them within a few month. This will be the Anchorwave by Lessloss.
Oh, and i forgot tot tell you why i let my subscription lapse. Not only because of the above mentioned causes, but  every review with the same boring phrases that seemed to be created with text modules. It is simply not entertaining. Over the years some of the writing stuff maybe got bored and congealed. Maybe they should be send to a training course for creative writing.
And then you hear stories on a reviewer that gets all the ultra expensive stuff. In summer hotness a few people installing extremly heavy gear in his home for review, sweating like hell and they don't even get a glass of water offered? Shabby, shabby, i would be ashamed of...


Priaptor -- Fri, 08/26/2011 - 11:24


While your post is a little "long", I couldn't agree with you more. I have two of their power cords and they are excellent. I am hoping to get the Tunnelbridge in the not too distant future. Louis Motek, the brains behind all of this is a wonderful guy to deal with and the products are 1st rate.

I find the science behind his products, especially the TunnelBridge pretty amazing and sensible. The product looks gorgeous and from what Alan posted, a huge endorsement. I too wonder how a product like this would not be reviewed by a magazine such as TAS, when the product appears, at least to my eyes, to be a revolutionary one. As you stated, this is one of the reasons I rarely post here anymore, rarely read the reviews and when my subscription runs out, will not renew. From my perspective, these "reviews", "awards", etc. are all the same, just replace the names with the typical rotating crop.

-Stan- -- Fri, 08/26/2011 - 15:42

There is not much to comment, Priaptor. You are absolutely right. Only one thing comes to my mind when i read "awards" in your reply. As far as i remember there are 7 issues of TAS every year. Take those issues of one year and count the "awards" issues. Recommended Components, Editors Choice, Golden Ear Awards, the records of the year issue ... did i forgot something to mention? So what you get in these issues are >mostly< recycled short forms of reviews of earlies issues. So, lots of space wasted with something that you already have read in length with much more details.
And also nice, all those promised reviews of gear that were mentioned within show reports that never come up. If there are problems with some items/distributors/manufacturers, well, one short note in the magazine will be enough.
You will have a lot of fun with the Tunnelbridge, i'm sure of that. And a lot of sleepless nights while listening to your whole collection with details never heard before. Lucky you....


Alanwc -- Fri, 08/26/2011 - 16:45

Hi Guys,
Enjoyed your comments.  Just so you know, I posted reviews of the LessLoss Anchorwave speaker cables and the redesigned Firewall.  I replaced my Nordost Valhalla speaker cables with the Anchorwave for great improvement in clarity and definition.  The new Firewall just made everything better.  You can see my reviews at the LessLoss website.

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