keep Outlaw RR 2150 or send back and use Yamaha n600

Bowenp -- Sun, 03/13/2011 - 00:04

First post. Understand it is always personnel choice put here is the lowdown.
Have used a Yamaha n600 with
KEF Q7 (old version maybe 2007 or 6) in main room;
Rock Solid monitors ion back (15 years or so old);
Logitec Duet streams from wireless controller through a DacMagic in to the receiver (70% of music is Mp3 with30% Flac loss-less).
Money is tight. In trying to improve sound i bought a outlaw RR2150 on 30 day eval for 599 to replace the Yamaha N600.
Bottom line I think it sounds better my wife thinks it sounds the same.  (I want it to sound better, she wants it to sound the same so it can be returned).
Suggestions if you were in my position?


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