Isabelle Faust's Beethoven Violin Concerto (Thanks, Paul Seydor)

Michael Bradley -- Mon, 07/20/2009 - 20:01

Thank you, Paul, for your mention (TAS, April 2009) of Isabelle Faust's recording (with Jiri Belohlavek, on Harmonia Mundi) of the Beethoven Violin Concerto (along with the Kreutzer Sonata). It is indeed a stunning performance. It is the one modern - i.e., stereo - performance I know that stands with Heifetz/Rodzinski (best heard on Jacob Hornoy's Doremi restoration): it's fast-paced (as it should be), vital, passionate. It is Beethoven brought to life rather than Beethoven revered (Beethoven wants to be performed, damn it, not worshipped).
And I agree with your characterization of the Kreutzer; I don't think she or Alexander Melnikov hold back an ounce of committment or energy. It's, as well, a zestful performance.
Again, thanks!
Michael Bradley

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