iPod Touch 4th Gen as Hi Res music player

Alanwc -- Tue, 05/01/2012 - 15:18

Has anyone tried using the 4th Gen iPod Touch as a Hi Res music player in a 2 channel system via a digital dock?  I wanted to share  my success with tweaking the Pure i-20 digital dock.  I exclusively use all LessLoss cables, Firewalls, Blackbodies, and DAC 2004 with my Jeff Rowland Model 6 amps and Model 5 Wilson Watt/Puppies.  I have granite under all components as well as Titanium Sort Kones by Nordost, plus weight on top of the components.  I even found using "Dynamat" (yes, the car sound deadening material) reduces the micro-vibration problems in the DAC, amps and CD transport.  Well, I used this knowledge to tweak the Pure i-20; took off the rubber mat base, applied the deadening material inside the Pure i-20, set it on 3 Sort Kones, put 8 lbs of soft weight on top, pointed a Blackbody at it and plugged in the iPod full of Apple lossless files.  The sound blows away my CEC tl51x transport that was slaved to the DAC clock.  To make things even more fun, I'm using the Tango remote app on my iPhone to control the iPod.  It mirrors the iTunes playlist and controls including volume.  Internet radio sounds pretty good, but nothing like the lossless files.  I'll never use a CD transport again!!!! 
As with all systems, the sound is only as good as the weakest link.  Your results will vary depending on how many of the known audio problems you have addressed in you system.  As I've upgraded and experimented with my system for the past 20 years, I've learned that all things work together.  The higher the resolution of your system, the more you notice the effects of changes and tweaks.
I hope some find this helpful info.

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