H.E.O.L.O. Speakers...just AMAZING!

default -- Fri, 01/16/2009 - 08:35

Hi all,
I would like to share with the Community my extreme satisfaction for my new recently acquired speakers. This is in short the story:
Surfing the net trying to find some good product to replace my speakers, I luckily found a web site where a bunch of quite experienced guys recently joint their effort to build innovative speakers. Their Web Site is: www.heolospeakers.com. Attracted by the description and the listening impressions reported on the site, and also because they are based in the same region I live (Rome, Italy), I decided to contact them. I have to say that they were really available, answering my several questions (I am a real pain in that!!) giving me an extensive explanation about their interesting theory...and most important...they gave me the possibility to go to their showroom and hear them!! So this is the first thing I did. Well, from that point on, I could not stand without, so I decided to buy a pair of "H.e.o.l.o." They have a special offer where they bundle a set of hi-performance cables with the speakers, so I decided to go for that. And now, let me tell you my impressions.
I have tried so many speakers in my life, and I have also built myself so many of them that I could not recall, but these are...AMAZING! The most impressive thing ...is that it is impossible to locate the source of sound in the room! There is no actual need to be in front of the speakers...you can walk around...and you feel completely "immersed" in the sound, while the frequency response seems to be always the same! No fading of hi frequencies when you move around, no changes when you stand up!
I don't know how they managed to reach that result, but the definition of the instruments is also incredible. I could hear details that I have never noticed before in my records. The low frequencies are also impressive. I think I will get rid of my subwoofer quite soon!
I don't want to bother you with a very extensive post, but feel free to ask questions if you whish. I am so excited about these "H.e.o.l.o." and I really want to share my experience with you all.

Graziano (not verified) -- Fri, 01/16/2009 - 08:36

// Graziano

Claudio (not verified) -- Thu, 10/15/2009 - 06:26

I have found today a complete test of the H.E.O.L.O. speakers on Audioreview.
Reading in the magazine, the comments seems to be quite good!

SPL (not verified) -- Mon, 01/26/2009 - 04:19

Hi Graziano,
 Did you had the possibility to try them at home before buying it? I could be interested,  but I wish to compare against my loudpspeakers in my personal setup-

softspeaker (not verified) -- Thu, 02/19/2009 - 01:28

How much did they pay you for your advertisement?
BTW, those speakers are not omnipolar, but semi omnipolar.
These are true omnis:

SPL (not verified) -- Thu, 02/19/2009 - 04:25

I'll like to post my little esperience in visiting and listening the HEOLO in their showroom .
The loudspeakers looks very nice (IMHO) not very big (c.a. 80cm in height and less than 30cm in depth)  and I was expecting to percive a vey low soundstage and poor bass extension, but I was then really  surprised;  the soundstage Is abolutely impressive you have the feeling that you are listening to a very tall loudspeaker furthermore the bass estension it's unbelivabe, were they get this bass from a such small driver? , I asked the developers about the fact that the HEOLO really don't looks like a "conventional" omnidirectional , they answer me that the low frequency are not as much directive as the High Frequencies and they lowered the xover point as much as possible in order to obtain an omnidirectional emission in the  midhigh spectrum range. I'm not a technician, but , I can ensure you that you have the feeling that the music is coming out not directly from the loudspeakers but all around them, without loss of  focus on voices and instruments, all this is not obliged by a spot listening position. This was my personal listening esperience.
Please note
I have not been payed for this, in  future I suggest to be more polite because somebody can probabaly say the opposite...  you were payed to say so :-) 

softspeaker (not verified) -- Thu, 02/19/2009 - 06:08

I couldn`t recommend two different competing manufacturers, or could I? Why do I have the feeling Graziano and SPL are the same person..., or even the manufacturer himself?

SPL (not verified) -- Thu, 02/19/2009 - 08:03

Dear Softspeakers,
I don't know why you have this feeling, I don't know Graziano since my prevous post and I'm not working as manufacture,  but anyway  I'm not going to post you any other comment about it.
I only want to share with other  nice peolpe my personal experience listening the HEOLO. If you are not interested please look somewhere else.
My invitation to be polite has not been heard, I hope you don't have listening problem? 

softspeaker (not verified) -- Thu, 02/19/2009 - 08:20

OK, accept my apologise please, sometimes I`m too cautious as such things, when manufacturers disguise themselves as customers, happen.
But I must admit there are better examples of  omnipolar speakers on the market.

SPL (not verified) -- Thu, 02/19/2009 - 11:02

Ok, Softspeakers, accepted.
Any way my personal and limited experience in listening other omnidirectionals (bolzano villetri, german physics, duvel)
 was somehow laking in the medium range and defecting  in the lower bass, for this reason my experience with the heolo was
a surprise, considering the dimension of the speakers (c.a. 80 cm height and 30 cm depth) . The listening reveal an impressive
 soundstage and an unexpected bass estension, where did they get it ? I've asked the manufacture about the fact that cannot be
considered a "pure" omni, they answered me that  the lower frequencies are generally not directive and they have lowered as much
as possible the xover frequency allowing the highmedium frequencies to be emitted by the tw. I'm not a technician but the result isn't that bad.
I never had the possibilit  to listen to the other omnies you have mentioned , but I guess that they will cost much more than the heolo.

Steven Stone -- Thu, 02/19/2009 - 10:58

 GIven the current financial climate, why would anyone buy speakers from an unknown company when there are so many fine speakers from firms that offer excellent and time-tested support?
If i was in Italy I would investigate these speakers, but elsewhere - not so much...

Steven Stone
Contributor to The Absolute Sound, EnjoytheMusic.com, Vintage Guitar Magazine, and other fine publications

SPL (not verified) -- Thu, 02/19/2009 - 11:12

...I agree with you Steven and this is  the reason why I wasn't interested before I choose to visit their showroom.
Thats the problem with some other Italian brands, like for instance am audio (www.amaudio.it) , probably you may ignore them because the are not known abroad, but they produce wonderfull, high quality and powerfull class A amplifier.

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