Help matching AVR with speakers

default -- Sun, 07/26/2009 - 18:54

Looking to replace my Denon 3803 with a new AVR. Considering the Denon 3808 or 4308, Marantz SR8002, Pioneer Elite SC-07, Integra 8.9, or Rotel 1550.
My speakers are NHT … ST4 mains, SB3 surrounds, and an SC1 center with the ST4’s bi-amped using 2 Parasound HCA 1000’s. I’m trying to find a good match for the NHT’s. The Denon is a good fit ,or at least what I’m used to anyway. Does anyone have any experience with the other players and how they may match-up with NHT or does it even matter? Use is movies 90% / music 10%.
My room is 15’ by 25’ and opens into another large room so I figure I need the heft of a good mid-priced AVR but if anyone knows of a sub 1k receiver that would work….OK.

Boomzilla -- Sun, 09/20/2009 - 11:11

 I've listened to the Integra in the showroom.  It impressed me.  Unfortunately, I haven't heard the others for comparison purposes, but the store salesman was putting his own cash on the Integra.  The salesman DID have a wide variety of experience.  His choice impressed me...

 A good sense of humor makes it ALL sound better!

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