john_markley2001@yahoo.com -- Tue, 10/18/2011 - 11:37

This is just an FYI with the disclaimer that this is a recent event and I am speaking obviously of my own experiences. I recently purchased a used Halcro Logic SSP-100 pre/pro. I was interested in updates (for LPCM decoding via HDMI) so I tried to contact Halcro directly through their website via the listed contact email admin [at] halcro [dot] com" href="mailto:admin [at] halcro [dot] com">admin [at] halcro [dot] com. This bounced all over and came back undeliverable. I sent several additional emails again to both admin [at] halcro [dot] com as well as the listed US representative contact USA [at] halcro [dot] com" href="mailto:USA [at] halcro [dot] com">USA [at] halcro [dot] com and never heard back - and it has been well over a week since I attempted contact. The Halcro website appears to be quite functional and their website states all inquiries will be returned in 24 hours. I finally CC'd some of the English speaking dealers located around the world and was eventually directed to an individual not currently affiliated with Halcro that offered service...
I don't know if any of this is significant but I though I would alert everyone so they might keep their eyes and ears open. This would seem quite out of character for a company like this which manufactures such well reviewed (and costly) high end products. Perhaps I missed an industry update somewhere along the way. If anyone has any input that might help clarify, please let me know.

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