Give us Back the Inter-commentaries

brion -- Wed, 09/07/2011 - 20:37

This is what made the magazine an exciting read. Period. There is NO argument in existence that can counter the simple act of re-reading what one reviewer loved and the second reviewer loved also, or said, "Yes, BUT..." It was that  "BUT" that caused us to shut the door to the outside world, desert our beloved wives, shut the children up in the basement (with a time-lock, so they wouldn't suffocate), tell the boss, "Oh....I have a terrible fever...I just can NOT come in today, even while the "boss" is hearing Kodaly in the backgrounds, and read each page, with grim, feverish eyes, like Renfield in "Dracula" muttering, "yes, the master is coming, the mas-TER is coming and you will suffer..."
Exactly what DON'T you get about mesmerizing your readership?????? We want thrills, chills and to be lost, in love with an inanimate object (the magazine, in case you're slow) that, as one wife wrote back in the 80s, a translation of what a husband says and what he means: "Don't - EVER, even by CHANCE, throw out a (single) copy of  The Absolute Sound... or the divorce papers will be in the mail."
This is no longer that magazine.
As Tina Brown said  of Newsweek , "You have to basically make the assumption that they have absolutely no interest in you whatsoever,” she said. “There is so little attention to spare, you have to make sure that where their window of attention is open, you’re in.”
So. BE the magazine you once were. Yes, the shipping expenses WILL cost more. SO, Why don't  you ask the readers if they would agree to an increase in the price of the bloody magazine, just to get  some blood pumping thru its veins again. TAS used to be exciting, controversial, but you were never bored. Just do two intercommentaries an issue, get the pulse of your readers, and do what Congress didn't do: ACT ON IT! 
It doesn't matter what you think, Tom. It matters what your readers think, and if they like it, it'll increase your income. Take a chance, for flying Christ's sake!

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