Fisher 500C Tube Am/Fm Receiver ... if mod'd. how is it ?

default -- Thu, 09/18/2008 - 11:08

Hi Folks,

I am curious to hear from people who own or have owned or have listened to a fully modified Fisher 500C receiver ... regardless of the system components used with it ... as to how it sounds, performs, etc.

Also, what issue of TAS is this model reviewed in along with the modifications needed list that article has please ?

Robert Harley -- Fri, 09/19/2008 - 11:20

I've never heard a Fisher receiver, but Steven Stone has written extensively on vintage gear.

Steven Stone -- Fri, 09/19/2008 - 12:22

The Fisher 500C has a fine reputation and many tube hobbyists do extensive mods on them (as they need to do to age/reliability issues).

Owning older tube design equipment a labor of love. You must expect to devote quite a bit of brain-power to care and periodic repair. They are NOT plug and play.

If your primary motivation is getting superior sound at a price that is competitive or better than more current designs you are barking up the wrong tree...

And no one, nowhere can supply information about ONE component that will be relevant "regardless of system components used."

Simple "answers" for complex questions and systems are for the simple-minded :D

Steven Stone
Contributor to The Absolute Sound,, Vintage Guitar Magazine, and other fine publications

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