Finding classical music on vinyl

Suteetat -- Sun, 05/10/2009 - 21:24

I have been tempted often to get turntable for my home stereo system but everytime I think about it,
the biggest obstacle for me is finding enough software that I might want to listen to.
So, if I want to start an LP library from scratch, concentrating mostly on classical music, especially
opera and piano (Chopin, Beethoven, Liszt etc), where would I start.
Living in Thailand is a bit of a problem.  There is one classical music store that have a few LPs that I might want
to buy. Most other stores carried both new and used LPs but mostly rock, jazz, pop, 70's. I looked at Elusivedisc,
acousticssound and a few mail order places both in US and UK and while there are a lot of LPs in their catalogue, they are
not just the kind of music that I listen to usually. vinyl store has quite a bit that I am interested in but most of those resellers
will not ship outiside the US.
So does anyone know of a good source of classical LP (new or use)  mail order place that can ship internationally?
I have no plan to come to the US soon but will be in London later on this year and heard that LPs are easy to find over there.
Does anyone know of a good classical music LP store there?

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