Exposure 3010S2 int amp - any owners out there?

CraigMN -- Mon, 04/12/2010 - 17:01

I'm looking for an integrated amp with the ability to drive inefficient speakers, BUT it needs to have a narrow depth.  It looks like the Exposure 3010S2 might fit the bill.  Anybody out there have experience with this amp driving difficult speakers?  Love to hear from you.  Thanks.

Masood (not verified) -- Sun, 05/02/2010 - 16:21

I think the Exposure will do both of the things you want, It has a wonderfully narrow and deep depth, It's not too narrow, it's just not strectched out and thinned out in that proccess like so many other amplifiers for example Naim, One of exposures old rival.
Exposure's are also powerhouses, They will drive quite inefficient loads but not to very loud levels, That is headbanger loud levels, otherwise it's good with loud levels too.
I've been driving a pair of ATC floorstanding speakers with my exposure amp and have compared it with amps that have triple the power rating in wats however the exposure always sounds better and more in control. One thing I love about the exposure sound is their fast and punchy bass, once you've experienced it, it makes so many other amps sound flat and boring.
You'll never be dissapointed with Exposure electronics, The only thing that the company doesn't do too well is marketing, that's why they have let their rivals like Naim Audio who do Marketing very well take over.
Buy with confidence.

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