Ethernet cables and sound quality

earwaxxxer -- Mon, 06/04/2012 - 20:12

Alright... Cables are a frickin pain in the a**. Well, I got that out of the way. Have had some very good experiences as of late though...I dont buy cables often. I have had my Silver Bullet 4 interconnects for years, my Audioquest Granit speaker cables for years. Got some tubes involved in a preamp. Started to tweak cables again. Got some JPS Labs Ultraconductor, first interconnects then speaker cable. Very happy so far. The wallet is not much thiner. All is good.
To get to the point of the post...I was reading some horses a**'s article that was bragging about how his ethernet cat6 sounded soo much better (20%) than the cat5e. Now he was comparing Belkin to Belkin. Ok...IMO I have tried cat6, and cat7 vs. cat5e. NO difference! Granted I tried el-cheapo cat7 stuff off the internet. This time I thought I would go ahead a buy a cat6 Belkin to compare to my Belkin cat5e, couldnt find a cat7 - not sure if they are making it yet or what - . Got it today. Ok - I think it MAY be somewhat 'better' in terms of lack of 'background noise', hard to tell. I like it and I will leave it in for sure. All I can say is, if I had spent $500 instead of $10 on it, I would be sending it back in a few days unless there was 'dramatic' improvement, which I highly doubt.
So there you have it. Via Transporter - NO difference in ethernet cable choice, at least in terms of making a cost effective upgrade. On the flip side, I really do like my JPS Labs cables. I have very quickly identifed their 'house sound', and I can say that it is 'musical' and 'coherent'. It is definately a 'quality' you can put your finger on. Kind of like a high end capacitor...Thats another topic.

JA FANT -- Thu, 06/28/2012 - 17:04

In the grand scheme of things, aftermarket cables and power cords DO make a difference.
It is going to interesting to watch advancements that can be applied to ethernet/usb cable(s).

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