EMM Labs XDS1 software update

brent -- Sat, 12/24/2011 - 18:09

I just recently downloaded a software update on my EMM Labs XDS1 CD player/ D/A converter and was somewhat taken aback by how much better it sounded.  It was quite a bit higher in resolution.  Fine details that I couldn't hear in recordings before I could now easily hear.  Imaging and 3-dimensionality were markedly improved with more of a sense of an expansive soundstage, easier to identify where the instruments and voices were, and more air around everything.  It was also easier to follow individual instrumental lines.  The bass lines were easier to follow and more well-defined.  It sounded very different than before, improving upon all the strengths of the XDS1 with no drawbacks.  It still sounds very smooth and analog-like, just higher in resolution.  I'm very thrilled with this update, and wanted to send Ed Meitner a thank you for providing this for us.  I hope he's working on further hardware upgrades to the player as well.  This is one of the reasons I chose the EMM Labs XDS1 over other excellent options is I was wagering that Mr. Meitner would continue to develop and improve the product, and with this software update he has come through in spades.  - Brent 

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