Downloadable PDF format reviews and buyer's guides

SHR -- Mon, 02/02/2009 - 10:28

I originally put this up a little while ago (anonymously) but it failed to attract a response from AV Guide staff. So hopefully putting it up again may work. BTW, thanks to cmalak for seconding the idea the first time round.
It would be great if all of the buyer's guides, component reviews, music reviews etc were downloadable on PDF format.
This would be much more convinient as a number of interesting articles could be downloaded at once and read at lesiure without the need for a constant internet connection. I live in the Middle East, where internet connectivity is not as widspread as in Europe or the US especially when mobile. Also as a frequent traveller/flyer being able to download and store material for those boring flights was a great boon.
They will also be much easier to print and read as hard copy.
Is there any chance the pdf downloads of reviews will be made available again?

Rob Grady -- Wed, 02/04/2009 - 10:11

Sorry for the delayed response. We're actually in the process of defining our download offering. In fact soon we will be providing digital subscriptions to the magazines as well as individual issues for a fee. Would the magazine in PDF format work or are you just looking for individual articles as well?

SHR -- Wed, 02/04/2009 - 14:08

Hi Rob,
Individual articles would be ideal.
Also, as far as the "digital subscription and individual issues" go I thought you were already doing this, at least the individual issues part with the downloadable pdf versions each month.
I have seen other audio mags use digital subscriptions through companies such as Zinio (Stereophile & HiFi News), Newstand (HiFi+, this 'reader' is probably the worst of the lot in my experience, truly absymal and a major reason I did not subscribe) and PageSuite (HiFi World) which have propreitary 'readers' much like Adobe Acrobat and based, in some way, on Adobe Acrobat/PDF technology (I think). The advantages of these other audio mags in the propreitary reader formats, in my opinion, is firstly they offer subscriptions, secondly, they are exact copies of the print editions including adverts etc and thirdly they have convinient features such as active links so that clicking on the page number in the contents will take you to the article, and clicking on a website address will open up the website in a new browser window.
However these propreitary 'readers'  do not run nearly as fast or smoothly as your PDF format issues. If you were to address the three shortcomings (all of which I believe can be handled in Adobe PDF) I believe the PDF format will be a much better way to go from a reader's perspective.

2 Channel Luddite

stefano Funes (not verified) -- Thu, 02/12/2009 - 07:05

I write from Italy and I have serious problems in getting my paper magazines delivered at home. For some reasons they never arrive and I am forced to contact the subscription service dept. for getting them re send missing issues.  I would be very, very happy to change my subscription to the digital format available in PDF format.  Quite a number of other magazines have chosen to gor for the digital version.

Rob Grady -- Wed, 02/04/2009 - 14:28


Thanks for the great feedback, it is great to get this constructive input. NextScreen currently has 2 digital publications (Winding Road and Playback) that are available free online. We've heard that from a number of users that they prefer PDF and we're going to start providing the ability to subscribe for a small fee (have to cover the cost of business) to get the PDF versions. We're also launching a new store (replacing our existing provider) so you will be able to continue to download TAS but with all advertisements and active links and we also plan on providing Hi-Fi Plus as a digital download as well.

Ultimately we want to provide the content to our users in the format they want it so your feedback is important. We previously provided PDF downloads of articles because we didn't have a content management system. Thanks again for your feedback on individual PDFs and we'll definitely put it on our feature request list.



SHR -- Thu, 02/05/2009 - 04:56

Hello Rob,
You are welcome. BTW where is my first reply, it does not appear in the discussion.
Look forward to the new TAS downloads (subs & individual issues), is this why the Feb 09 issue has not been put up?
Also, I hope HiFi+ changes from the the Newsstand reader, it really is quite awful. I prefer the Zinio (Stereophile & HiFi News) but the PDF is still much better than any of the propriatary readers I have come across.
Keep up the good work!

2 Channel Luddite

NGL (not verified) -- Thu, 02/12/2009 - 01:32

Hi. I am glad the editors took the time to provide information on this topic.
I have been regularly buying the TAS PDFs and am somewhjat dissapointed by the fact that the download is not made available in a regular and timely fashion.
Personally, I find Zinio the most convenient format both for reading and for managing and searching a library of publications. PDF would be just fine as well. I agree Newstand, PageSuite and the current format of Playback are much more difficult- almost prohibitely so.
Thanks and looking forward to seeing the Feb and March issues online.

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