Dear Mr Robert H, regarding setting up of some eq. you reviewed

TOGA -- Sat, 06/06/2009 - 00:38

Hi Mr Harley.
I have some short Q for you regarding 2 equipments you've reviewed.
1. For Revel Salon2, did you use the supplied spikes ? which side of spike did you face downward ?
My room has a carpeted floor which Salon2 make smooth sound everywhere, but when I put on spikes with
the sharp side down sound seems to become too sharp everywhere, treble start annoying. I will try to
put the blunted side of spikes down instead to compare. Any suggestion ?
2. Did you put grills on for critical listening ? with or without grills produce more natural sound ?
3. When you reviewed Mark Levinson 326s, how did you set gain on its XLR input ? I tried +12 which music become
very lively, but i think there was more distortion clearly heard on treble, and clipping sometimes. +0dB seems to be smoothest
but lack puch and drive. +6dB is factory default, no clipping here, but treble not as smooth as +0dB. My CD output Voltage is quite strong
at about Balanced XLR 5.4V RMS (+14.6dBv) max.
        The total possible settings regarding the above questions are of 18 combinations, which make me quite confused. Some setting
is fine for some CDs, but make very annoying treble (cymbal) on some CD.
        Thank you very much

Robert Harley -- Mon, 06/08/2009 - 14:55

I used the supplied spikes with the sharp end facing into the carpeted floor. You could try the blunt end down. My experience with the Salon2 is that the treble is extremely smooth and refined. I would look to your upstream components for the cause of the treble problems.
Grilles off is better.
It's easy to clip the input of a preamp with a very high output source component such as that of your CD player. It sounds like you need to use the middle gain setting to avoid overload. I used the low and middle gain setting, and never had need for the high setting.

TOGA -- Tue, 06/09/2009 - 12:58

Thank you
They provided smooth and refined treble for months until the day I did 2 experiments, I installed spikes and I changed gain setting on
my preamp form 6dB to  +12dB. when I played the CD at normal level I heard severely distorted or clipping so I stopped in 2-3 seconds.
I changed gain back to +6dB,  no more clipping but after that I feel like treble is quite annoying. so I set gain to+0dB which improve a bit.
But treble is still not as refine and smooth as before.  So Can the spikes be that effective to make such change in sound, or due to preamp overloaded, I fried the tweeters already ?    How to check that the tweeter are still fine ?  If compare to video, the sound rightnow is like picture
projected from very sharp DLP projector. unlike the film-like of the old sound.

Robert Harley -- Tue, 06/09/2009 - 15:17

It is unlikely that you damaged the preamp or the tweeters. When you changed the orientation of the spikes, did you position the speakers exactly as you had them before, with the identical toe-in?

TOGA -- Wed, 06/10/2009 - 00:42

Oh, the answer is no. They guy from dealer helped me do this and he moved the speakers for just a little bit, trying to make them
asymmetric to the room. They're 10' apart firing straight at first then we just made small bit of toe-in to bring more center focus. But I myself always believe that Salon2 are not very senstitive to small movement. Am I wrong ? And with spike on, and without help, it's almost impossible to move it alone. Today I will ask the dealer to come again to try the blunt side of spikes which I hope will make it be able to moved easier. However one think I sure feel improved is the bass, with spikes sound of guitar bass or double bass is much more easier to follow.
                     I am so afraid that I may fried the tweeters, but I think you're right, clipping preamp occured at very low power, I guess
no more that 5-10w from power amp at that time. Unlike the poweramp clipping that always occur at much higher power output.
                     Oh and one more question please, do you think Salon2 benefit a lot from bi-wiring ? I dont have any bi-wire SC
on hands, I just hope the answer is No, and what If I upgrade the WBT bridges on the back to be pure silver model ?
                    Thanks a lot, will report back the result of new set up.

TOGA -- Wed, 06/10/2009 - 10:23

Hi, Ok, I am happy now. they installed spikes blunted side down. but they also made things even more complicate . They lend me
Transparent Ultra MM2 speaker cables, Power Link MM power cords. Now system sounds open and has better dynamic.
They claimed that using spikes sharp side down can make it sound too edgy for some system. But I think these Transparent cables
make huge change too.
        In order for you to see the picture more clearer, the system consists of
1. ARC CD7 CD player 
2. ML No 326s preamplifier
3. ML 436 power amplifiers
4. Revel Salon2 with about 420 hours of use.
5.XLR IC and single wire SC are Tesla Accelerators,  with 200 Hours of use.
6. all standard AC power cords. No AC conditioner used. 
       But today, power cords and speaker cable were changed tempolarily until I return them. Highly satisfiying cables, But seems
unaffordable to me.

Robert Harley -- Wed, 06/10/2009 - 12:23

I'm not surprised that the sound improved considerably with the Transparent cables. If you can't afford the Ultra MM2 speaker cable and PowerLink AC cords, try one of their less expensive models. I would try one run of the best cable you can afford rather than two bi-wired runs of less expensive cable.

TOGA -- Wed, 06/10/2009 - 13:44

Thank you Mr Harley.
Thinking about trading Synergistic cable with Ultra MM2 Speaker cables one day.
But Synergistic Research keep telling me to wait until 300 hours has passed before making any decision.
But I dont think they will change much from now ( 200hours of use ).
Ultra MM2 makes Salon2 tweeter to show off their potential a lot more than Accelerator cables IMO.

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