Controlled Directivity & REG

johnny p. -- Mon, 02/11/2013 - 01:05

In a (TAS) editorial last year, REG opened a scary fact concerning (most) cone-type loudspeakers - they have a serious suck-out in the lower midrange. This, resulting from a "floor-bounce" effect. After reading his review of the Amphion Krypton (which tackles this problem, to a certain extent), I wondered why REG hasn't done more of this type of speaker, during his career.
In looking back, I see the Gradient revolution (dipole) from the 90s and the TAD "waveguide" speaker from the early 2000s. But not until 2009 did he really start covering waveguides. Here we had Cerwin-Vega, NuForce, Emerald Physics and of course, the Krypton. He did the big Jamo's (open-baffle) but these were impractical for most listeners, due to their space requirements. 
REG was always concerned about the floor effect, but went on to review wide-radiation designs from Dali (2x), NHT, Manger, McIntosh, Sony (2x), Harbeth, PSB (2x), Rethm and ESS. Where's Amphion since 2002 when they came out ? Or SP Tech (later Aether) ? Or even a full-load horn like Avantguarde ? 
I hope REG continues to do these - but also reviewers in general - esp. if the suck-out problem is as serious as REG says.

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