Constellation Audio eview

Jon2020 -- Fri, 08/24/2012 - 01:23

 Dear JV,
I was most captivated by your review of the Constellation Audio trio of electronics in Issue 223 of TAS and thoroughly enjoyed reading it from beginning to end.
I have heard the Centaur stereo amp at a local dealer's and may just pull the trigger for it shortly. But before this, I hope you can answer a few questions of mine. My current set-up comprises the dCs Puccini front-end with the U-clock, connected straight without an analog pre-amp to a pair of Bryston 28B-SST2 monoblocks and thence to Vienna Acoustics The Music speakers. All electronics are routed through the Shunyata Triton AC coditioner via Shunyata power cords for the monoblocks and PS Audio power cords(10G) for the front end while cabling consists of KimberSelect silver balanced intercionnects and KinberSelect 6063 all-copper speaker cables. From your review, it appears that the sound as you described it would naturally encompass all 3 components being hooked up simultaneously. Was there any opportunity for you to audition these 3 components separately in the context of your own familair system? If so, I am particularly interested in the perforamnce of the Centaur stereo amp alone as I wish to keep the rest of my system intact.
I also note from the specs bar, that the Centaur is rated at 1 kHz @1% THD instead of the usual 20-20kHz band. This would mean the power rating may actually be lower if measured across the entire spectrum. This is just an aside which should not detract from the overall listening experience but may be important if it is to synergise with low impedance and/or low sensitivity speakers.
Thanks and regards.

Cemil Gandur -- Sun, 08/26/2012 - 12:17

 We've tested the Centaur amp being driven by ARC ref 40 and it sounded great - much better that with the ConstellTion preamp. Still, you'd probably do well to test it in your own system.

Jon2020 -- Sun, 08/26/2012 - 21:15

What speakers were you using - any impedance or sensitivity figures?

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