Cartridge Question

bwright -- Mon, 04/29/2013 - 13:26

Hi all,  While reaching for a coffee next to my turntable, I inadvertently brushed my hand under my Benz LP-S MR cartridge. You can imagine the rest - the stylus disappeared into the carpet, and my Benz is now sitting somewhere in Switzerland waiting for repair. Needless to say, I am still in therapy and taking my medication as prescribed!  That said, I'd like to get a backup cartridge (and a brand I don't currently use, to try something new).  The Benz sounds superb with my setup (Brinkmann Bardo, Graham Phantom 2 Supreme, Nagra BPS and VTL IT-85), and I've hear great things about Air Tight PC Series, Dynavectors, Koetsu Rosewood Platinum and the Ortofon Cadenza Bronze. I have heard the Clearaudios and found them a bit lean (up to the DaVinci 2), and the Koetsu Urushi Black, which has a bit of loose bloom in the lower mids and bass.  If you have any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated!  Many thanks in advance,  Bill

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